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Israeli Cybersecurity Firm Linked To FBI Unlock Of Terrorist iPhone
An Israeli cybersecurity firm by the name of Cellebrite has been revealed as the third party source that the FBI are using to crack the security features of the iPhone that was used by the San Bernardino terrorists, and all without the court ordered assistance of Apple. Cellerbrite, a... Read more
New Security Concerns For Apple’s iMessage
Apple’s iPhone has been making news headlines for the past few weeks following a superior court ruling which stated the tech manufacturer was required to rewrite its OS operating system in order to create a “backdoor” for the FBI to break into a phone. Apple has steadfastly refused to... Read more
Older Kindles Need A Software Update
The clock is ticking for owners of certain models of Kindle e-readers as the deadline to install a critical update is looming. Today’s deadline means owners who failed to follow through with the update will no longer be able to connect to the internet, and will have to install... Read more
Have FBI Discovered Way To Unlock San Bernardino iPhone Without Apple?
The FBI is now claiming that they may have found a way to crack the security features of the iPhone that was used by the San Bernardino terrorists without the court ordered assistance of Apple. On the basis of the above information, A US judge has postponed a hearing... Read more
Microsoft Finally Brings Windows 10 To Older Phones
After what has sometimes felt like forever, Microsoft have finally announced that they will be deploying Windows 10 to its older range of smart phones. In all, just over a dozen phones are set to receive the upgrade as an option. But there’s a catch;- not all Windows phone... Read more
Amazon Disabled Encryption For Latest Fire OS
No, it’s true, they really did. Why? Beats the hell out of me…. This is the news that all Locally stored data on Amazon Fire devices using the latest Fire OS is no longer encrypted, and hasn’t been since last year. Anyone upgrading a Kindle Fire, or any Fire OS... Read more
Tech World Answers Apple Call To Arms
At the time of writing, more than 25 of the world’s major media organizations, civil liberties groups, and technology companies, have opted to follow Microsoft, and throw their hat in the ring to support Apple in its increasingly entrenched and bitter dispute with the US government. The case centers... Read more
More Than Half Of Devices Run Out-Of-Date Software
A new study by Duo Security uncovered some alarming but sadly unsurprising news: more than half of the 2 million devices they looked at for a report were running out-of-date, unprotected software. Whether it was lack of antivirus protocols or operating systems and apps that hadn’t been updated when... Read more
More To The Locked iPhone Story Than Meets The Eye
The government wants Apple to fix the problem and foot the cost, so why bother purchasing antivirus software? With varying news reports swirling across the internet, it’s hard to get a full grasp on the now-infamous locked iPhone case. Some reports have indicated that the FBI is the one... Read more
Apple Refuses Judge’s Order To Unlock Killer’s iPhone
In a highly publicized incident that (at the time) seemed to divide the country on a number of public issues, Syed Rizwan Farook entered a holiday party last December and opened fire, killing fourteen and wounding 21 others; he and his wife (who is also suspected of being part... Read more
Are Hackers Taking Over Your Phone?
In the latest installment of “are hackers taking over your tech and costing you a lot of money,” the BBC has a report on a bug in VoIP phone software that lets hackers in with just a few lines of code. They can then use the phone system to... Read more
Amazon Kindles To Get An Update
When the Kindle e-reader hit the shelves, it took the market by storm. It wasn’t the first digital device for reading ebooks, but it was the first one to come with a user-friendly download process and a full library of books to back it up (it was no fun... Read more
Can iPad Beat The Chromebook In Classrooms?
There’s some big news out there today in educational software, although to outsiders it might seem like just another business day. While it’s true that Apple buys smaller tech companies from time to time–so much that their standard company answer to journalists is “we buy tech companies all the... Read more
iOS Glitch Lies About Your Phone’s Dead Battery
What is it with software bugs and our battery life? Can’t we just have unlimited power–not the “take over the world” kind, but at least the “make my phone work” kind? Much like the previous Google Nest announcement that a software bug in the recent December update caused Nest... Read more
Update Your iPhone And Get Some Zzzzzzs
In the race to put out the latest and greatest in technological innovation, there are a handful of times when developers release a product then have to sit back and think, “Maybe we should have thought that through.” Sometimes it’s platforms like MySpace. Other times it’s updated operating systems... Read more
Cortana now available on iOS and Android
Microsoft personal assistant, Cortana is now fully available for both Android and iOS …as long as you live in China, or the USA. Not that that news will come as any surprise to most people who’ve followed recent app releases. As seems to be the case with growing numbers... Read more
Cortana iOS Beta Arrives (For Some People)
So the good news is that the Cortana iOS Beta is here. The bad news is that only 2,000 people get to test it out. Windows Insiders were given the opportunity to sign up for the Cortana iOS Beta via a short survey at the start of November.  The... Read more
Project Astoria – Windows Bridge for Android
Microsoft’s updated operating system Windows 10 was launched in 2015 to great acclaim. The latest Windows offering is designed with compatibility in mind, so the system links with a variety of devices. This cross-device functionality was first announced for Microsoft’s latest console, the Xbox One. Shortly after, news broke... Read more