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Are Security Holes In Apps Leaking Your Data?
There’s an app for just about everything these days, especially where our health is concerned. However,Ā what permissions are consumers blindly granting to the latest apps, and who has access to that data? News recently appearedĀ that a popular pregnancy and fertility tracking app had some serious security holes, Ā inlcluding a... Read more
Microsoft Cuts 2,850 Staff As Windows Phone Runs Out Of Charge
So it probably came as no surprise that when Microsoft announced they were leaving the smart phone business earlier this year, that there would be job losses. What has come as a surprise however is that the company has revealed that number of staff facing the axe is more... Read more
Pokemon Go And The Loss Of Privacy
The reviews are mixed about the new app-based game that’s quite literally taking over the internet. Pokemon Go, the location-based game that uses its players’ smartphones to pop up with a seemingly endless variety of cartoon Pokemon creatures, has fairly well divided humanity into two camps: the ones who... Read more
HummingBad Malware Infects Over 10M Android Devices
In the world of malware, there’s some tricky games afoot. But a new malware called HummingBad is so bad that it’s almost a genius move by its developers. Chinese ad tracking and business firm Yingmob has a legitimate business informing advertisers of how their efforts are resonating with consumers,... Read more
Control Your Device With Only A Look Thanks To New Software
Researchers are hard at work on a new piece of software that stands to be a game changer for mobile devices. Teams from MIT, University of Georgia, and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics have developed a software called iTracker, and its accuracy in detecting where your eyes are... Read more
Apple Patent Shuts Off Your Camera
Apple fought the good fight earlier this year when the US government wanted the company to invent software that would override the iPhone operating system and allow it to break into a secured handset. Only after the court issued an order for Apple to comply–an order that CEO Tim... Read more
Software That Seeks To Improve Battery Life
Nextbit has already disrupted the smartphone industry, but the software powering its OS aims to disrupt how a battery works. We’ve all heard the little tips and tricks for increasing your battery life: turn off your wifi so your device isn’t searching for connections, close out any apps that... Read more
iOS10 Is Unencrypted…On Purpose
Apple’s preview of iOS10 revealed something shocking: a lack of encryption on the kernel’s code. Uttering the words “Apple” and “encryption” in the same sentence might raise a few eyebrows, especially in the wake of the now-famous legal battle involving Apple being compelled by a US court to develop... Read more
Siri Calls Ambulance For Distraught Mother
For Apple tech Geeks, Appleā€™s personal assistant, Siri, may be the definitive last word in why they own an iPhone, but now they have something else to boast endlessly about too, because now Siri also calls ambulances. At least it did for one Australian mother when she found her... Read more
News For Windows Phones Not Good
It does indeed seem that the end is nigh for Windows Phone, in its current form at least. But now even Microsoft have sort of admitted it’s valiant push to become the third viable smartphone ecosystem has come to a close. Earlier in the week, according to a report... Read more
Apple Update Actually Bricks Some Users’ iPads
When a company launches an update or upgrade, the intended effect is a safer, more streamlined experience. Instagram, and Pinterest have all launched “facelift” updates in recent weeks, and the worst response has been that they take a little getting used to. Unfortunately, as the Windows 10 debacle has... Read more
SFMOMA: Rethinking Interactive Software
If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting a major-name museum, gallery, or iconic city, you may have had the option to take part in an interactive, self-guided tour. These tours date back decades, and depending on the technology used to power it, they may have been either engaging or... Read more
Apple Banned From Selling 2nd Hand iPhones in India
India has said no to Appleā€™s plans to sell refurbished iPhones within the emerging economic workhorse. According to an official from the ministry of telecommunications, Apple will not be allowed to import or sell refurbished iPhones in India for the foreseeable future, due in the main, to fears that... Read more
Sick? Apple’s Got An App For That.
If there’s one universal truth about healthcare, it’s that there’s simply not enough access to it, at least not affordable access. So it’s no wonder that services like the video chat-based Doctor On Demand have cropped up, as well as hundreds of apps aimed at helping patients with every... Read more
FBI Will Not Reveal How It Got Into iPhone
In one of the most high-profile “make the government look inept” cases in recent history, the FBI managed to break into a suspect’s iPhone. Correction: the FBI managed to scrape together enough money to pay a foreign firm to break into the phone. Now, after spending a reported $1.4... Read more
Apple To Reveal New OS Info On June 13th
Apple is set to reveal the newest version of iOS and possibly also a renamed, re-branded and upgraded version of OS X, Ā the tech giant has revealed. In a nice twist to standard tech company announcements however, the news was unveiled by Appleā€™s digital assistant, Siri. Whether Apple intentionally... Read more
WhatsApp Switches On Encryption For A Billion Users
WhatsApp Just Switched on Encryption for a Billion Peopleā€¦. As any regular reader of our news section here at FileHippo canā€™t but have failed to have noticed over the last 6 weeks, the ongoing legal feud between Apple and the FBI has been an omnipresent story that for a... Read more
FBI Admits San Bernadino Hack Only Works On Older iPhones
The Federal Bureau of Investigationā€™s director, James Comey, Ā has publicly confirmed what many have suspected: That the law enforcement agencyā€™s successful Ā hack of the of the iPhone 5c used in the San Bernardino terrorist incidentĀ will not work on newer and more modern iPhones. “We have a tool that works... Read more