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Before 2012 Ends, We Can Download All Our Tweets!
Earlier this year, the Twitter’s numbers were already impressive, with 140 million active users sending 340 million tweets every single day. Come to think of it, how many tweets do you send every day? How many tweets have you sent since you signed up? You may or may not... Read more
Engagio Empowers You To Search Through Social Conversations
Searching for information is the main thing people do online today. It does not matter whether it’s for work or personal purposes. We all have a seemingly insatiable need for information, and the Internet has given us the means to do so anytime, anywhere. But have you ever thought... Read more
Facebook Security: A Slower, Safer Facebook
Facebook is about to face a new change that will slow it down – literally. And you are going to be excited about it. Facebook is in the process of switching to an internet connection that is more secure.   Added Security HTTPS is more secure than a traditional... Read more
How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation
You may not have thought about it at the time, but that embarrassing post on your Facebook page just might cost you a new job opportunity.  Many people do not realize that recruiters are looking at their online profiles to make a decision about candidates.  And if you list... Read more
How Obama & Romney Used Technology To Win Votes
Now that the election is history, analysts can move onto other things. Like why the election went the way it did. Was it a stronger campaign, better ads? Or maybe it was the use of social media that made the difference. One thing is clear from this election: the... Read more
Social Analytics Apps That Website Owners Need
If you want to run a successful website you have to not only create amazing content, you have to create content that your readers want to explore. One of the best ways to determine what your users want is to follow their social interactions with your posts. While traditional... Read more
Facebook’s 5 Biggest Failures in 2012
With 1 billion users finally reached, new ad spots for web and mobile platforms helping increasing revenue and plenty of acquisitions and talent hired you would think that 2012 was the best year in Facebook’s short corporate life. Unfortunately for employees 2012 was also the focus of some very... Read more
The Best Social Media Apps
Facebook on Thursday announced that more than one billion people are now using the company’s services. With hundreds of millions using other services and more social networks popping up every single day it’s a smart idea to understand which apps are worth using for your mobile devices, tablets and... Read more
What’s The Next Instagram?
Since Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for $1 billion, speculation over the next billion-dollar tech company is increasingly at the heart of evaluating tech startups. Social networking and mobile apps create value by solving problems that address fulfilling human social needs, and many tech startups focus in these two arenas.... Read more