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We’ve all seen the photos advertising a new mattress with the couple spooning one another and most of us will have exactly the same... Cuddle Mattress Makes Spooning More Comfortable

We’ve all seen the photos advertising a new mattress with the couple spooning one another and most of us will have exactly the same thought running through our minds; “they will not be like that in a few minutes!” The reality of it is that cuddling up to somebody in bed is only comfy for a short time before the ‘big spoon’ starts to lose the feeling in their arm and the ‘little spoon’ gets annoyed with by the feeling of an arm digging into their neck/back. The Cuddle Mattress could revolutionize spooning as we know it.

Cuddle Mattress Makes Spooning More Comfortable

How Does It Work?

Unlike the traditional solid mattress, the Cuddle Mattress is split into three sections, top middle and bottom. The central part of the mattress is solid to offer support to the torso and lower back. The top and bottom of the mattress where the head and the feet lie have slats in them. It is the slats that enable couples to spoon comfortably by allowing space for the limbs to sink into the mattress and avoid the dreaded ‘dead arm’. The slats at the lower end of the bed provide a space for sleepers to put their feet and keep their toes warm or simply to aid ‘wrigglers’ to find a comfier position.

To provide further comfort for users, the slats come in a variety of materials:

  • Latex
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyurethane memory foam

Soft on one side and firmer on the other, they can be turned depending on the user’s preference. The mattress also comes with its own fitted sheet.

Where Can You Buy One?

Here’s the catch, the Cuddle Mattress hasn’t actually come to fruition yet. The mind behind the space providing mattress, Medhi Mojtabavi was inundated with emails. “It was like a fever around it” said Mojtabavi. Unfortunately, without funding and with other commitments, even though the mattress won an award from Red Dot in 2007, the mattress was still not on the market.

After an email from a man who had recently undergone shoulder surgery saying he was extremely interested in purchasing the mattress, Mojtabavi thought about the project with renewed vigour. Like thousands of other startups, Mojtabavi launched a crowdfunding campaign via in the hope of raising the capital he needed ($75,000). Unfortunately, most people wanted to try the mattress before they bought it and the goal wasn’t achieved.

Mojtabavi has far from given up on his project though and is actively seeking out investors or even partners to bring the mattress to production.

[Image via Right This Minute]