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Woman Buys PS4 From Target & Gets A Box Of Bibles
Well, it turns out it’s not just happening at Walmart. Sadly, another retail shopper has had a bad experience when buying a PS4. (And by “bad experience”, I mean that the shopper didn’t get anything close to what they were attempting to purchase). Last week, Techbeat reported that a... Read more
Make Star Wars Gingerbread Cookies this Holiday Season
It’s that time of the year again for Christmas trees, Christmas shopping, and Christmas cookies. This year, though, why not make some unique cookies? Forget about the Santa cookies and the Christmas tree cookies – why not make some cookies that come from a galaxy far far away? ThinkGeek... Read more
Walmart Now Matches Amazon Prices
I love Amazon; believe me, I do. I love getting the low prices, cheap (or, free) shipping, plus they have just about anything a person could want. It’s the perfect “store” – you just sit on your couch and order whatever you want, and you never have to leave... Read more
Xbox One Sales Triple After Holiday Price Cut
A couple of weeks ago, Techbeat reported that Microsoft was getting into the Christmas spirit by dropping the price on their latest video game console, the Xbox One. Up until lately, Sony had been outselling Microsoft in the console war, but that is no longer the case thanks to... Read more
Xbox One Giving Free Assassin’s Creed Bundles for Holidays
Know anyone who loves the Assassin’s Creed games and wants an Xbox One this holiday season? Getting an early start on this year’s Christmas season, Microsoft has announced a couple of really good bundle options when it comes to purchasing their newest gaming console. Beginning on 11/2/14 (a Sunday),... Read more
Edward Snowden Sends UK Christmas Message
Well, it seems Edward Snowden has even more to say to the world. Even while on temporary asylum in Russia, he is still finding a way to make the news headlines. And this time he decided get his message out there by delivering a message to the UK on... Read more
Churches Forced To Use GPS To Keep Track Of Baby Jesus
I don’t know how you got into the Christmas spirit this year, but some people in this country decided that they would get into it by going around and stealing the baby Jesus figure from different nativity scenes around town. I don’t know if God reserves special treatment for... Read more
Apple Presents 12 Days Of Gifts For U.S. Users
If you were looking for some good news today and you own an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you need to look no further.  Apple has decided to give everyone in the United States the opportunity to get some free Christmas gifts this year; 12 gifts to be exact. In... Read more
Get A New iPhone for $27 At Walmart Until Christmas Eve
If you are still looking to get someone (or yourself) a smartphone for Christmas this year, don’t panic, there is still hope for you; at least until Christmas Eve, that is. It’s normal to spend a small fortune on a smartphone, especially if you want to get the latest... Read more
Google+ & Auto Awesome Adds Extra Twinkles To Your Photos
Google+ and their Auto Awesome feature for photos really surprised me last week. During one night last week, we had received a pretty big snow storm. Like any good parents, my wife and I took our 2 year old daughter outside to play in the snow. Since this was... Read more
Archie McPhee Gift Alarm Protects Presents From Snoopers
With the Christmas season quickly approaching, I wanted to offer an easy suggestion to make sure your family and friends are appropriately surprised by their gifts on Christmas morning. There’s enough to worry about during the Christmas season without having to worry if someone is trying to snoop into... Read more
Etsy Gifts For Apple Fans

Etsy Gifts For Apple Fans

Mobile December 20, 2012

I think that Etsy is a veritable treasure trove – of everything you could ever want. For sure, there are way too many options that you can easily drown in the Etsy ocean, but for the holidays, let’s narrow down those choices to Apple-related items. Needless to say, this... Read more