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Dropify Allows You To Share Files Via Facebook
Facebook is still the most popular social networking site today, although very recent surveys seem to point at something different when it comes to the younger generation. In particular, Tumblr seems to be gaining an edge. Still, the prevalence of Facebook cannot be ignored, with people utilizing the site... Read more
Facebook Video Ads Set For April 2013 Debut
In its ever increasing attempt to create new revenue streams Facebook is expected to launch a new video ad format in the first half of 2013. Ad reporting agency AdAge quotes several sources who claim that the social network has already created new video ads for internal testing purposes. According to... Read more
Instagram Alters Terms to Share Data With Facebook
Instagram on Monday morning announced changes to its Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy. Starting on January 16 Instagram will begin sharing private user data with Facebook. In an official Instagram blog the company explained that the move will allow both company’s to more effectively fight spam and... Read more
Top Facebook Games of 2012
Facebook games have changed the landscape of gaming, to the delight of some and to the irritation of many. I am not sure about the percentages, but if my Facebook news feed is any indication, there are a lot more people who declare that they do not and will not... Read more
Facebook Security: A Slower, Safer Facebook
Facebook is about to face a new change that will slow it down – literally. And you are going to be excited about it. Facebook is in the process of switching to an internet connection that is more secure.   Added Security HTTPS is more secure than a traditional... Read more
Does Facebook Know What Apps You Really Want?
Facebook admits that its large number of apps available in the App Center makes it difficult to know which ones to recommend to users. The App Center has been around since May in the US and international since August. It gets around 220 million visitors each month, according to... Read more
Kiwi Company Sues Facebook For Removing Profile
Profile Technologies, a company from New Zealand, is suing Facebook for shutting down its profile and terminating an agreement they had with the popular social media site.  Facebook denies the accusations and do not believe the allegations have any merit.   Who is Profile Technologies? It is a company... Read more
Facebook’s 5 Biggest Failures in 2012
With 1 billion users finally reached, new ad spots for web and mobile platforms helping increasing revenue and plenty of acquisitions and talent hired you would think that 2012 was the best year in Facebook’s short corporate life. Unfortunately for employees 2012 was also the focus of some very... Read more
Is Your Boss A Facebook Friend?
When Facebook first came out, you never had to worry if your boss was on Facebook. Eventually bosses caught on that Facebook was a great way to spy on employees or even see what potential employees are up to on social media. It is doubtful that this was Facebook’s... Read more
Facebook Social Search: A Google Search Competitor?
At the Disrupt conference this year, there was a lot of buzz about a potential Facebook social search that would clobber the makers over at Google. Since Facebook’s start, it has been constantly evolving and striving to beat out the competition and take on new competitors – such as... Read more