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Google Changes Anti-Semitic Auto-Complete Results
Google has taken action to alter some autocomplete suggestions in its search engine after it was alerted to anti-Semitic, sexist and racists entries by UK newspaper, The Observer. The autocomplete suggestion that was the focus in this case was “Are Jews….”  The Google algorithm’s first result was, up until a... Read more
Google AI Accidentally Created Its Own Language
Google Translate is the bane of every first-year foreign language student’s existence. On the surface, signing up to take Mandarin seemed like a good idea thanks to the handy dandy web tool that would put the answers at their fingertips, but the end result – while far better than... Read more
New Emoji Set, Set To Arrive In 2017
New 2017 emoji collection to include Dracula, a breast-feeding icon, and a giraffe… A whole new generation of socially liberal and progressive emojis will be added to a digital device near you from March 2017. Unlike how many media commentators and pollsters failed to foresee a Trump victory in... Read more
Google To Shut Down Map Maker In March 2017
Google has announced that it is to close its Google Map Maker, the online tool that allows anyone from anywhere to add or edit information in Google Maps. Map Maker will be retired in March 2017. But it is not the end of the road for anyone who wants... Read more
Mobile Overtakes Desktop Web Browsing For First Time
According to data released by StatCounter for October, mobile devices were used more often for web browsing than traditional desktop machines. The figures show that combined mobile and tablet devices accounted for 51.3 percent of worldwide web use compared to 48.7 percent via desktop. OK, so there’s only a... Read more
Google Alerts Public To Zero-Day Vulnerability
No one ever wants to hear bad news, but Google has made a company policy out of it. At least that’s the explanation it has offered as to why the company releases bad news to the public, even when it isn’t their bad news to share. Backing up, Google... Read more
Pixel: The Power Of Software
The anticipation leading up to Google’s launch of its new smartphone came with mixed speculation. While known for innovation and a game-changing approach to its products, the Pixel and Pixel XL came to market with a cloud of naysaying speculation hanging over its launch. But now that Pixel is... Read more
Google’s Conversation AI To Stop Online Bullying
Don’t read the comments…don’t read the comments…don’t read the comments… It’s become the mantra of every sane internet user, but too many of us can’t help but look. Whether it’s nasty remarks on a YouTube video, a tweetstorm on social media, or any of the millions of hate-filled, rhetoric-laced... Read more
Google Launches ‘Fact Check’ Feature In Time For US Elections
With the US Presidential elections just around the corner, Google has introduced a fact checking category to its news service so that users can separate fact from fiction in a ‘post truth’ world. “Today, we’re adding another new tag, “Fact check,” to help readers find fact checking in large... Read more
Verizon Leaks Early Pics Of Google’s Pixel Smartphone
Only hours away from Google’s highly anticipated live hardware unveiling event, Verizon and a few other key people did the unthinkable: they leaked pictures of Google’s new smartphone online. Media embargoes and non-disclosure agreements can be tricky things. Violating the agreement not to divulge information before the appointed time... Read more
Google’s Hardware Event
Google has made a fairly successful leap from powering a search engine to digitizing ancient texts to self-driving cars, but there are still a few more hardware tricks up the company’s sleeve, some of which will be unleashed this week at a tech event. Expected to make an appearance... Read more
Blackberry To Stop Making Phones
Blackberry, once the market leader when it came to business mobile phone solutions has announced it will stop designing and manufacturing smartphones. The company has struggled to compete with smartphone competitors such as Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android based solution. The Blackberry phone will most probably be remembered for its... Read more
Germany Says Nein To WhatsApp Data Collection By Facebook
The National Data Protection Authority in Germany has moved to block the recent privacy changes made by Facebook regarding the collection of data from the recently acquired WhatsApp messenger. German authorities have also ordered Facebook to delete any of the data it has already collected for an estimated 35... Read more
Google Turns 18 But Nobody Seems Sure Of Actual Date
Anyone using Google today will probably have noticed that the new balloon themed doodle as the company officially marks its 18th birthday. The doodle depicts Google’s ‘G’ blowing up a balloon, shaping the rest of the ‘oogle,’ but then blowing it up too much and then being carried off... Read more
YouTube Offers Reward To Community For Reporting Videos
YouTube wants heroes! Yes, yes it does. No really, it does… This is the news that YouTube has decided to launch a new way of moderating the public content on the site by encouraging users to sign up and become a YouTube Hero… The announcement may come as something of... Read more
Nokia Fiber Breakthrough Could Mean Terabit Download Speeds For All
Researchers at Nokia have managed to successfully reach stable internet speeds of up to one terabit per second by using a new transmission technique for data. In real terms that makes the Nokia effort about one thousand time faster than Google’s own fiber broadband, currently rated for a maximum... Read more
Google’s New Chat App Allo Is Here…But With Less Privacy Than Previously Advertised
Say Hello to Allo, Google’s answer to WhatsApp, Viber and a host of other similar apps. It was only four months ago that Google announced two new communication apps; Duo for video calling, which launched last month, and Allo which is fresh on the market this week.   And... Read more
AI Is Everywhere, But Is It A Good Thing?
From toothbrushes that sense your general oral health to refrigerators that learn how much milk is left for your next cup of coffee, AI is everywhere. It’s the hot topic buzzword that’s working its way into every sector of society, from the bathroom to the boardroom. It’s become an... Read more