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Kaspersky Looks Back At Cyber Security Stats For 2015
2015 has been the year that the phrase “Cyber Crime” went mainstream, became cool, and also the year that saw next to exponential growth with everything and anything to do with cybersecurity. That is at least according to Kaspersky in their overall summary for the last 12 months.  The... Read more
Ordinary Computers Will Be Safe From Quantum Computer Hacking
German research engineers have successfully managed to develop what they think will protect regular computers from the future danger of Quantum computer hacker attacks. The scientists at Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) are in the middle of working toward the practical application of current technology to defend “data against threats of... Read more
Vonteera: Adware That Can Destroy Your Antivirus
Adware really is crappy stuff, if you think too much into it. While most of the internet-using population has come to see that advertising is partly what makes your internet use cheap and affordable (even free, if you connect over public wifi), it’s more than a little annoying to... Read more
Deep Instinct: Next Gen Antivirus You Never Have To Update?
Israeli start-up Deep Instinct has plans to launch an antivirus service that can detect malware and viruses by essentially teaching itself to spot nefarious code… Having an antivirus and malware solution on your computer is a really good idea if you want to keep your digital life safe and... Read more
McAfee Labs: Dark Web Sells Credit Card Numbers For 55 Cents
So it turns out you can now buy stolen passwords for the princely sum of just 55 cents. That is according to a new report by Intel Security group, McAfee Labs who claim to have found login credentials and passwords on a video streaming website. That’s right, for less... Read more
Dridex Botnet Still Active Despite Admin Arrests
Just in time for Halloween, here’s a scary story for you: federal officials launched an investigation into a global cybercrime spree that resulted in the arrests of  botnet admins in Cyprus back in August. The botnet, dubbed the Dridex/Bugat botnet, was part of a global financial takeover that is... Read more
Apple Removes Ad-Blockers That Can ‘Compromise’ Security. Should You Be Concerned?
After all the fanfare and razzmatazz that came with Apple’s decision to allow third party ad-blockers to be installed on iOS devices, Apple has been forced to begin removing some of them due to security concerns. Included in the Ad-Blocker cull was the higly popular, and highly rated Been... Read more
New Wifatch Virus Actually Protects Your Tech
Investigators have uncovered a new form of malware that’s making the rounds, and it’s actually pretty baffling. This one, which researchers have dubbed Linux.Wifatch, may have already infected tens of thousands of individuals’ home routers, but then it goes on to further secure the network, especially any IoT devices... Read more
Apple Forced To Remove 300 Malware XcodeGhost Infected Apps From Apple Store in China
Legitimate Chinese developers used compromised Xcode that infected hundreds of apps capable of leaking personal information to hackers. Apple confirms it is in the process of removing “XcodeGhost” code embedded in hundreds of Chinese developed apps. Hackers cloned counterfeit version of Apple’s software for building iOS apps, then persuaded... Read more
Stay Safe Online With ESET’s NOD32 Antivirus!
ESET NOD32 Antivirus is a great all around antivirus program for both beginners and advanced users. In fact it is without a doubt, one of, if not the best, paid for antivirus solution you can get for your PC or Laptop. If you’ve never heard of ESET before, there’s... Read more
GCHQ Password Guidance: Can You Trust It?
GCHQ, the UK government spy agency have recommended that people use simpler, easy to remember passwords, suggest banning password strength meters and regular password changes. But can you trust security advice that comes from the same people who were found to be unlawfully conducting mass surveillance against its own... Read more
Hackers Decrypt 11 Million Ashley Madison Passwords
Decryption of 11 million Ashley Madison passwords by hobbyist hackers brings more woe to Ashley users. Stolen password data was thought to be secure; shock, horror, surprise…it wasn’t. But just how much are Ashley Madison themselves responsible for using simple and easy to break passwords? It’s the data... Read more
It’s Alive! Patch Tuesday Lives On For Windows 10
Despite announcing that Patch Tuesday would cease to be back in May, on Tuesday Microsoft proved that some old traditions are hard to kill, releasing as it did 4 critical bug fixes in one go that could affect Windows 10. While there were a slew of fixes across all... Read more
Google Chrome Flags uTorrent Software
If you’re a Google Chrome user and uTorrent fan, you may run into some issues when trying to access the software and receive a warning message that the uTorrent service contains “harmful programs.” Apparently, Chrome has flagged the program as malicious due to its regular association with illegal torrents... Read more
That’s Not Classic Nintendo On Your Android Device, It’s Malware
Android may have security features built into the operating software that reduce the chances of a security breach but Android users and Nintendo fans should be on guard. There’s a new piece of Android malware on the loose that is showing up in third-party app stores dressed as a... Read more
Two New Productivity Updates On FileHippo
With all the great software available–and let’s face it, with so many places to download software online–it can be hard to know which titles and which sites to trust. Fortunately, FileHippo offers some of the best titles available, all straight from the developers themselves. And with the daily release... Read more
Duqu 2.0 Infects Kaspersky Labs Using Stolen Foxconn Certificate
Kaspersky Labs has recently come under attack from a highly sophisticated malware program, Duqu 2.0, which used a stolen Foxconn certificate to infiltrate the security firm. Foxconn is a Taiwanese firm that manufacturers hardware for a lot of major companies including Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Google. The Foxconn certificate... Read more
RogueKiller’s New Update Is…Killer!
These days, you can’t be careful enough about your antivirus and antimalware protection. New threats crop up every day, and some of them have gotten quite nasty. We’ve moved on from the days of accidentally clicking a juicy link and installing a virus, or responding to a Nigerian prince... Read more