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Israeli start-up Deep Instinct has plans to launch an antivirus service that can detect malware and viruses by essentially teaching itself to spot nefarious... Deep Instinct: Next Gen Antivirus You Never Have To Update?

Israeli start-up Deep Instinct has plans to launch an antivirus service that can detect malware and viruses by essentially teaching itself to spot nefarious code…

Having an antivirus and malware solution on your computer is a really good idea if you want to keep your digital life safe and secure. And keeping your security suite updated as often as possible is widely considered to be the best and only way to be sure of keeping your computer safe from harm’s way.

deep instinct

Anti-Malware Lag Timing

But today’s current generation security services have an inherent problem. They can only keep your computer safe from threats they know about. It’s not really that big of a deal if you keep your Avira and your Avast up to date.

But it is an issue none the less because new malware will always have a head start on antivirus services.

That means between new threats being discovered by antivirus corporations and a solution being promulgated to the public, there is a certain amount of time where the new malware can wreak havoc across the Internet. The fact it rarely does, is testament to how quickly the big antivirus companies react when they spot a new threat.

Of course, users who don’t inoculate themselves from the new threat immediately, will be vulnerable until they do…

Deep Learning

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) may be the solution.

Essentially ANNs use a process known as Deep Learning to catch malware on its own without the need for constant antivirus updates. Deep Learning involves ‘training a network with many layers of simulated neurons using huge quantities of data,’ in order to solve problems.

Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct hope to utilize this method of advanced analysis and solution based networking to offer an antivirus solution using ANNs and the Deep Learning process.

Deep Instinct claim that its software is 20% more effective at catching modified versions of existing malware than the best current generation of antivirus solutions.

While the tech industry anxiously awaits independent verification of Deep Instinct’s results, it is widely considered that they may be on to something big. There seems to be merit in using Deep Learning to counter attack viruses in the war against malware.

Other Tech Firms

Deep Instinct though are not the only company currently exploring Deep Learning as a means to help turn the tide against computer infections.

Microsoft and Invincea have published their own papers demonstrating the potential of Deep Learning to combat malware. One of their experiments was responsible for finding 95% of new malware without the need for updates.

Early Years For Deep Learning and Artificial neural networks

Unfortunately for end users, almost all Deep Learning projects regarding self-aware malware detection is still at a very early stage.

In years to come, however, it could be the opening salvo in a future against Malware.