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Google Camera App Makes Sure You Record Videos Correctly
In case you missed the news, Google decided to release a standalone camera app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. While it will do a lot of the same things your stock camera will do, it also has a few upgrades – one which is worthy... Read more
Emu App Makes Texting Smarter & Easier
I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again at some point, but I love to send text messages. I don’t know what it is about it, but there’s just something fun about sending digital messages and not having to talk on the phone (or use a... Read more
Forget Weights, Tone Those Biceps With ToneFone
It seems there is just no end to the diverse and unusual uses for the humble iPhone case. It was only last week that I reported on the case that also doubles up as a stethoscope and now keeping on the health theme, I’d like to introduce the ToneFone.... Read more
Mophie Case Gives More Battery & Storage For iPhones
Having owned multiple iPhones as well as a Galaxy S3, I am well aware that iPhones are seriously lacking in the upgradeable storage and extra battery department. When I used my Galaxy, I could easily upgrade the onboard storage space with a micro SD card (and I did just... Read more
Catchr App Finds Out Who’s Spying On Your Phone
Even the best of us fall prey to paranoia sometimes and think that everyone around us is out to get us. (Can you say A Beautiful Mind?) Or, maybe they’re just out to get our phones and see who all we’ve been talking to and whatnot. If you’ve ever suspected... Read more
Flag App Will Print & Mail Your Photos For Free
Since smartphones came along, we all do things a lot differently than we used to. Take developing pictures for instance. In years gone by, we had to take a roll of film from a camera into a photo center and choose how we wanted it to be developed. Then,... Read more
Estately: The App That Helps You Find A New Home
If you are in the very fortunate position to be able to afford to move home, then there is a fair chance you would like to browse for your future pad using your iPhone. And online real estate company Estately is all about getting you into your new place... Read more
iTrace App Teaches Handwriting To Kids
We live in a very digital world. Indeed, I think we spend a whole lot more time online than we do offline, and I think there will eventually be some major consequences to that. Don’t hear me wrong – I’m not at all against technology and I am excited... Read more
World’s First Smart Toothbrush For A Sparkly Smile
The world’s first connected toothbrush was unveiled on Sunday at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The Kolibree smart toothbrush will help you achieve that Hollywood pearly white smile and generally improve your oral health. The toothbrush connects to the accompanying app via bluetooth. It’s through the app that your... Read more
Control Your Garage Door With Open-Me App
Don’t you just hate that feeling you get when you can’t remember if you left the garage door open? And if you can’t remember that thought will just keep bouncing around in your head until you can actually verify whether your door is in fact open or shut. It’s... Read more
Cut The Rope 2 Released On iOS
If you like the original Cut the Rope, you are going to love this! Your favourite green monster Om Nom is back in Cut The Rope 2 and obviously he is still hungry for more candy.  Software developer, ZeptoLab, on Thursday, gave iPhone and iPad gamers a treat by... Read more
Make Your Smartphone Smarter With Agent
I love my smartphone, but I’ll be the first to admit that for a smartphone, it can sometimes be rather dumb. For example, when my battery is on the fritz, the phone will exert an endless amount of energy telling me that it’s about to die. It will beep,... Read more
GESTURES App Promises Easier & Better Pictures
For anyone who likes to take pictures with a phone, which is probably most of us, there comes a point when we realize that there are just too many buttons on the camera interface. There seems to be a button or icon for everything under the sun: flash, capture,... Read more
Narrate Your Photo Stream With Shadow Puppet App
Carl Sojgreen and Adrian Graham built the Shadow Puppet application back in April 2013 but it launched at the same time as the iOS 7 update. The ex Google and Facebook executives who are used to building winning apps have created an application for people to turn their photos... Read more
Record Your Dreams With ‘Shadow’ App
How many dreams can you remember these days? How familiar is the feeling that you’ve had an extraordinary dream but the more you focus on it the faster it slips away? The new mobile application titled ‘Shadow’ aims to change all of that by enabling you to track and... Read more
Cbeebies Playtime App Launched
The BBC has launched, at no cost may I add, an iOS and Android app for its CBeebies channel, aimed at preschoolers, with mini-games which are based on four of its popular shows.  The BBC CBeebies Playtime app is available for iOS, Android and the Kindle Fire in the UK.  On the iOS platform it joins the... Read more
Motorola’s Moto X Will Always Listen to You
Motorola has announced that the new Moto X handset will have a feature allowing it to “always listen” for the owner’s voice commands. The user of the phone can activate the Moto X’s Touchless Control System by saying “Ok Google Now”, and the handset will be ready to listen... Read more
Tour Highest Peak with Mount Everest 3D App
How would you like to take a tour of Mount Everest without having to leave the comfort of your own house? Okay, this may not be something passionate mountain hikers would be pleased about, but it sure sounds appealing to the rest of us. A new iOS app called... Read more