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FCC Wins Net Neutrality Court Appeal
The internet in the US is to remain neutral for the foreseeable future thanks to a court ruling by the circuit court in the District of Columbia, on Tuesday regarding the ongoing battle for net neutrality The new ruling essentially upholds the current status quo ensuring that federal regulators... Read more
Windows 10 Removes Google Search From Cortana
From last week, Microsoft has ended what many people consider the easiest way to search the internet; by blocking third party searches that go through Bing and the Cortana digital personal assistant. The move was announced late last week in a blog post by the General Manager of Search... Read more
US Senate Passes Controversial CISA “Surveillance Bill.”
The day before the EU Parliament chose not to enshrine Net Neutrality into European legislation, the US Senate struck their own blow to internet freedom by voting through the controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, or CISA, for short. That the vote has passed the Senate is even more surprising... Read more
EU votes against Net Neutrality For Its Citizens
The European Parliament voted NO to new rules that would protect and safeguard ‘Net Neutrality’ in the European Union. MEPs ended up voting against the amendments that had been tabled to preserve and protect the notion of ‘Net Neutrality. The outcome of the vote could have a massive impact on... Read more
FCC Passes Strong Net Neutrality Laws In the United States
The Federal Communications Commission has passed the vote for stronger net neutrality laws in the United States, voting three to two in favor of the laws being passed into Congress. It is the first move by Chairman Tom Wheeler to reclassify broadband companies as utilities under the Title II... Read more
US Lawmakers Argue Proposed FCC Net Neutrality Regulations
In what has been called the most important vote on FCC regulations in our lifetime, the clock is ticking on the hot-button issue of net neutrality. At the heart of the matter is allegations that some Congressional lawmakers accept lobby money from cable companies and internet service providers in... Read more
BlackBerry CEO Calls For “Platform Agnostic” App Development
The net neutrality debate is one of the most important in the U.S. history, but BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen seems to be interested in bringing the debate to more markets. More specifically, Chen claims net neutrality should expand to application development, making apps available on all platforms. This would... Read more
Alliance of Companies Condemn Title II Broadband Reclassification
A large group of tech companies with interests in the net neutrality debate have sent an open letter to Congress and the FCC, opposing the reclassification of broadband under Title II common carrier—a move supported by current President Barack Obama. The reclassification—according to the “Telecommunications Industry Association”—will affect investment... Read more
President Obama Pushes for FCC to Reclassify Broadband as Utility
The FCC’s “hybrid” net neutrality plan has not went down well with any sectors, with broadband companies threatening to sue and public advocacy groups calling the proposal a step backwards, with the potential to create pay-roads on the Internet. Another critic of the current proposal is U.S. President Barack... Read more