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Apple Maps Connect Helps Small Businesses
A couple of years back, in 2012 Tim Cook apologized for Apple Maps, he promised to do everything possible in order to make the app better. The fiasco was a huge blinder for the firm, but things have been looking up for a while now, with new improvements and this latest... Read more
Twitch.TV Acquired By Amazon For $1 Billion‏
Amazon has acquired Twitch.TV for $970 million earlier today, the deal was officially announced after two months of silence from Google and Twitch. Amazon’s name had only cropped up one day before the announcement, previously Google had been the only bidder. Twitch.TV is the largest video game streaming service,... Read more
Google Now World’s Most Valuable Company
This just in: Google has become the richest and most valuable company out of any company in the world!  Considering their competition, this has been no easy task!  Milward Brown, Global Market Research agency, stated that the brand value of Google has shot up nearly 40% in just one... Read more
The Cree LED T8 Will Save 30% of Lighting Energy Costs in the Business Sector
In today’s economic climate, most businesses and everyday persons are trying to do their best to reduce their carbon footprint.  That’s why Cree (a market leading innovator of lighting products) has become so popular. Cree plans on becoming 100% LED lighting.  But what does this mean?  They want to... Read more
Pinterest Acquires Livestar
Pinterest has announced its acquisition of Livestar.  Livestar was founded in 2011 and was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2012. Livestar provided personalized recommendations from your friends and also from expert sources from around the web.  While the terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed, it has... Read more
SEO Short Cutts

SEO Short Cutts

BusinessNews March 25, 2013

If you are a website owner then chances are you may have heard of Google’s Matt Cutts.  Cutts has recorded a vast amount of videos designed to answer questions regarding search engine optimization.  The videos help site owners to understand their site in search.  However, many people don’t have... Read more
Exitround Gives Failing Startups A Way Out
Startups have cropped up like mushrooms after the rain. There is a glut of startups. There are some pundits who are of the opinion that the whole scene is “bubbly”, with the bubble soon to burst. If it hasn’t already. Though there are strong arguments against that, it cannot... Read more
Introducing WordPress Business Accounts
While WordPress got its start as a bloggers paradise, it has rapidly evolved into the most popular publishing platform on the internet. And now the site is expanding even more to specifically accommodate businesses by launching their newest addition, Many owners of small and medium sized business decide... Read more
Why It’s Difficult to Find Talent For Startups
Many startups agree that one of the major difficulties in getting off the ground is finding talented workers. Startups that are unable to find workers with the right skills may be unable to grow their businesses. Tech startups are usually looking for workers with a specific technical, scientific, and... Read more
Facebook Doesn’t Have to Pay Taxes
Wouldn’t it be nice if you had no taxes to pay, and the same year, received a nearly $430 million tax return on top of $1.1 billion in annual revenue? That would be more than nice, and is currently Facebook’s fortunate situation. This shocking revelation ultimately begs the question... Read more
Ouya Announces Two New Partners
Ouya, the crowd funded game console maker, announced a new deal recently. Ouya has partnered up with two major players in the gaming industry that include Paul Bettner’s Verse Studio and Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions. The android powered gaming console’s news was music to the ears of fans... Read more
GitHub: Best Overall Startup Winner at 2012 Crunchies
One of the big winners this year at the 2012 Crunchies was GitHub.  They managed to walk away with the prize for Best Overall Startup.  The tool for developers had previously won the Crunchies Bootstrap  Bootstrap Award in 2009.  GitHub started out as a part of the developer movement. ... Read more
Google’s Ingenious Mobile Ad Campaign
Selling ads for mobile devices is a major problem for Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. The users log in through their smartphones one minute, and the next minute they are on their PCs or Tablets. There are many complexities in running a mobile ad campaign; it is difficult to track... Read more
New Startups Worth Noting for 2013
How many companies started out with a crazy or unusual idea that most people thought wouldn’t work and then became major success stories? One that easily comes to mind is Facebook. And then there’s Twitter. Or how about a little search engine named Google?  While those have become mega... Read more
Mobile App Marketing Prices Increasing
Acquiring a new customer for a mobile application is not cheap and in the month of October that cost rose by nearly 30 percent. According to a study by Boston-based firm Fisku, the cost of obtaining a new “loyal” customer rose from $1.06 to $1.38. As the ultra competitive... Read more
Can Gaming Change the Business World?
Over 40 percent of US consumers play video games at least once in a month.  That statistic is likely to increase with the increase in use of smartphones and tablets.  This presents new opportunities for businesses not usually associated with gaming to find unique ways to interest their customers.... Read more
Pinterest & Twitter Partnership
Pinterest seems to be picking up where Instagram left off.  After the bitter battle that has caused the separation between Twitter and Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter seem to be developing a partnership that could benefit both of them. Pinterest photos are already available on Twitter and the website has... Read more
Microsoft Aiming for 70% of Businesses to Run PCs on Windows 7
With all eyes on Windows 8, Microsoft caught the attention of industry experts by announcing that it plans to have 70% of businesses running their personal computers (PCs) on Windows 7. This was a rare piece of new focusing on Windows 7 as all the hype and limelight has... Read more