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Big Changes For BlackBerry
As well as launching a fully re-designed operating platform and two new smartphones, BlackBerry has announced an American superstar as its creative director and has officially changed its company name. Events were held across six cities yesterday to celebrate the new BlackBerry 10 platform and the first two BlackBerry... Read more
First Grader Invents Mobile Game App
Who is Zora Ball?  While you may not recognize the first grader’s name now, chances are you will be hearing it again, as she is currently the youngest person to have created a mobile game app.  While computer programming is perhaps not a typical school activity for an average... Read more
BlackBerry 10 Bags 15000 Apps in 2 Days
Research in Motion (RIM) offered a $100 incentive to app developers and hosted two Port-a-thons, where BlackBerry and Android developers ported their previously written apps to BlackBerry 10. The result was a whopping 15,000 apps in just two days. The Portathon was held on 18th and 19th January and... Read more
Mobile App Marketing Prices Increasing
Acquiring a new customer for a mobile application is not cheap and in the month of October that cost rose by nearly 30 percent. According to a study by Boston-based firm Fisku, the cost of obtaining a new “loyal” customer rose from $1.06 to $1.38. As the ultra competitive... Read more
New Facebook Poke App
Facebook added a new app over the holiday season for messaging.  It’s called Poke, which is also the same name as a function that has been part of the site since the beginning.  It was a way of waving at other users.  The new feature provides complex greetings through... Read more
SpongeBob Game Removed from iTunes App Store
The SpongeBob Diner Dash game was pulled back from the iTunes App store after complaints regarding privacy rights violation and a misleading promotional campaign. An advocacy group took the initiative of contacting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) concerning the issues. The main point in the complaint was that the... Read more
Security Checklist for Smartphones from the FCC
The FCC has created a website to help users make their smartphones safer.  This allows users to feel more secure about what they do on their phones and to find ways to protect their private data.   The website lists multiple operating systems along with general actions for any... Read more
Disney Mobile Gears Up For Christmas With New Games
The holidays are always fun because game companies seem to like spreading some cheer around. Earlier this week, I had a blast looking at Halfbrick’s games for iOS devices as the studio decided to have a zero dollar holiday treat. I am sure that some other development studios will... Read more
Cyber Criminals Target SmartPhones
Cyber criminals who are experts at hijacking computers with viruses and malware are looking elsewhere for their next efforts.  They see major potential with your smartphone.   Computer users have learned how to protect their devices with the latest anti-virus software and using strong passwords.  However, not everyone is... Read more
EyeVerify Checks ‘Eyeprints’ To Unlock Your Smartphone
Security is something that many an average person is concerned about. From online passwords to ATM PINs to smartphone lock codes – we employ all sorts of security measures to ensure that unauthorized access does not happen. Of course, there are ways and means by which other people can... Read more
Google Maps For iOS 6 Finally Released
Google, Inc. on Wednesday night at 11PM Eastern Standard Time released Google Maps for Apple iOS 6, the company’s long-awaited answer to Apple Maps. The free Google Maps application includes Google local search, voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, public transit directions and street views. While the app only just now came... Read more
Twitter Debuts Aviary-Powered Photo Filters For Smartphones
Twitter has gone the way of Instagram, debuting its very own photo filters powered by the Aviary photo platform. News of the new photo filters arrives just after Instagram pulled its full photo support from the Twitter social network. The new platform is powered by Aviary, the same company... Read more
Samsung Working on Flexible Phone with Less Battery Use
Samsung has been working on a flexible phone screen that bends and is nearly unbreakable while still being lightweight. What makes it even better is that it uses less battery power, which is one of the biggest complaints for any mobile device user.   The screens are supposed to be... Read more
Pepper Spray iPhone Case Is Hard On The Eyes…Literally
Want to protect yourself from would be muggers, kidnappers and other unruly types? If you are the proud owner of an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S you can now keep hoodlums at bay with a pepper spray enabled iPhone case. The product, created by Spraytech costs just $40 and... Read more
Using Tablets at School?
I have always thought that the tablet is a perfect educational tool, although I have to admit that it just might be the most expensive mobile gaming device I have ever owned. When it comes to children, however, a tablet can be put to much more better use than... Read more
Never Get Lost Again! Google Maps Indoors Has Arrived
Most consumers know that Google Maps is the go-to mobile application for finding their way around town and through city streets. Since Google Maps can help a consumer find their way to a local restaurant with turn-by-turn instructions and even reroute from traffic or construction, it was no wonder... Read more