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Most consumers know that Google Maps is the go-to mobile application for finding their way around town and through city streets. Since Google Maps... Never Get Lost Again! Google Maps Indoors Has Arrived

Most consumers know that Google Maps is the go-to mobile application for finding their way around town and through city streets. Since Google Maps can help a consumer find their way to a local restaurant with turn-by-turn instructions and even reroute from traffic or construction, it was no wonder that Google Maps would start working that concept from the inside. Now, consumers can not only find out where they are going outside, but they can find out where they are going inside as well.

Google Maps indoors

Google Maps indoors

Where Indoor Maps will be Created

Obviously Google’s indoor maps will not be created for a person’s home, but they will be created for common public areas that include:

• Malls
• Airports
• Libraries
• Government buildings (where permitted)
• Retail stores
• …and more

The freestanding map application will allow consumers to find out where things are located and even their own approximate location inside the building right from their mobile phone.

Detailed Floor Plans
Floor plans will be detailed so that a consumer cannot get lost inside. For example, in an airport the application will tell a consumer where they are currently located, restroom locations, terminals and their proximity to these points of interest, and even how to find restaurants within the airport itself. Google will still provide the turn-by-turn instructions a consumer needs to navigate large public areas, such as larger airports like LAX.

According to Google, this new interior map application will provide users with interactive floor plans that show detail floor-by-floor and can pinpoint a consumer’s location within just a few meters for superior accuracy. The application will automatically update as the consumer moves around the interior and operates similar to that of the “My Location” portion of the outdoor Google Map application.

Global Instructions
Google’s interior maps are not just restricted to the United States. They will also have interior maps for international airports across the world as well as famous public areas that include shopping malls, libraries and even museums anywhere in the world. This is especially helpful for tourists who cannot find brochures or maps at visitor centers for local attractions.

Platforms Supporting the Google Indoor Maps
Currently the new Google application will be released for Android with the Google Maps 6.0 release. Android users can now download the application and maps will be added and updated regularly.

Google maps is continually updating and revolutionizing the way consumers find their way around town and around the world. Now consumers never have to worry about the hassle of sorting out mall maps or even looking through countless brochures to find their way through a famous attraction. Instead, Google Maps will give them the turn-by-turn instructions they need to navigate anywhere on the globe.


[Image via Google]