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Mailbox For Ipad In The Works
When I first got wind of Mailbox, the new mail app for the iPhone, in February, my curiosity got the better of me (as it usually does). Truth be told, I have had no issues with the default mail app on the iPhone and the iPad. The hype surrounding... Read more
First Bionic Hand Controlled by Smartphone App
A new discovery in the field of prosthetic technologies gives increased hope of a normal life to amputees. A UK-based company has developed a bionic hand that can be controlled via a smartphone application. The i-limb ultra, developed by prosthetics developers Touch Bionics, is the first bionic hand that... Read more
PlaneSploit App Could Hijack an Airplane
Did you ever imagine that a simple smartphone app could become a deadly instrument used to hijack a plane? As impossible as it may sound, know that the necessary software has already been developed. An experienced IT specialist, security analyst and commercial pilot, Hugo Teso created the app in... Read more
Mobile Malware Now Affects 32.8 Million Android Devices
Mobile malware increased by 163% in 2012 with 32.8 million Android devices now suspected of carrying some form of data mining technology. The team at mobile service provider NQ Mobile released a study on Monday that found 65,000 different forms of app repackaging, SMS phishing, and malicious URL hacks.... Read more
Android Users Now Dominate Instagram
A little more than a year ago, Instagram was released for Android. Prior to that release, the photo app was the sole domain of filter-happy iPhone users. I could be wrong, but I think that many an iOS hipster was not happy that the audience base for Instagram suddenly... Read more
Samsung And Mozilla Creating Servo – New Android Browser
Samsung and Mozilla are not exactly a pair that comes to mind immediately, but they have come together for a new project. Something that will, in all likelihood, only fuel the browser wars. Early this month, Mozilla made an announcement that serves to support their mission to advance the... Read more
Tablets Starting to Outsell Desktops
With the sales of the desktop PC already sloping down in a gentle decline, market analysts turn to look at the usurpers responsible for the second nail in the desktop PC’s coffin. First, it was the laptops and the netbooks which caused the desktop to valiantly cling to the... Read more
Parents Use Apps to Monitor Children’s Smartphone Use
With the prevalence of smartphone usage increasing for children, it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to monitor their children’s internet usage. For many smartphone users, their phone is their primary way of accessing the internet.  This goes for children with smartphones as well. Also, smartphone and tablet users... Read more
Google Patent Increases Battery Life With Display Changes
A new Google Patent aims to increase a smartphone or tablet devices battery life by pro-actively changing the units display quality. In the patent Google calls for a system in which the smartphone or tablet can disable certain display-related aspects to lower power consumption. The users display would lose... Read more
Windows Phones Outsell iPhones!
In what universe??? Even if you’ve stuck by Microsoft through all these years, I think that if you are a pragmatic person even in the loosest sense of the word, you would not really think that Windows Phones outsell iPhones. In any universe. Then again, stranger things have happened,... Read more
The Rise of Game Apps, The Fall of Handheld Consoles
With the price and availability of today’s tablets and smartphones, it is a must for most everyone that is constantly on the go.  With a seemingly endless variety of applications there is a convergence of information, communication and gaming all in one handheld device. Projected sales for handheld game... Read more
HTC One Is Worst Smartphone To Repair, Study Finds
The HTC One has earned the dubious honor of becoming iFixit’s first ever smartphone to receive a repairability score of 1 out of 10. HTC delayed its 2013 flagship phone by more than a month due to parts shortages and yield issues, now the company gets to deal with... Read more
Barnes & Noble Nook Is Getting In-App Purchases
The Barnes & Noble Nook has teamed up with mobile payment provider Fortumo to offer in-app purchases. Under terms of the deal app and game developers will be allowed to sell their digital products through the NOOK Store with the new feature enabled. The new platform will go live... Read more
PayPal Is Upping The Ante In Mobile Payments
Not too long ago, PayPal moved in a new direction and got a new guy to head the company. David Marcus has gotten some good feedback, thanks to the things he has been doing for the company, and recently, we heard about a new acquisition which does have some... Read more
New MARS Augmented Reality App Identifies Items Around You
PAR Works has launched a new platform based on augmented reality to help users find information about many everyday items. This application has many practical uses. For instance, a user may create an augmented reality for a shopping center and identify where a specific store is located. It could... Read more
More Teachers Use Mobile Devices In The Classroom
Recent studies by Pew Research Center have shown that over 73% of teachers use cell phones/smart phones for the classroom environment. Additionally, 45% of the surveyed teachers use e-readers and 43% use tablets as teaching tools. The study also covered the differences between mobile use of teachers with lower,... Read more
Customize Your News with Google’s New App
Google has thought of a customizable new way for its users to keep up with what’s going on in the world. While the site is complex and extensive, it’s very easy to use, and quite simply named, News. The app is Free on Google+ via Android.AppStore. Once you’ve launched... Read more
Google’s Ingenious Mobile Ad Campaign
Selling ads for mobile devices is a major problem for Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. The users log in through their smartphones one minute, and the next minute they are on their PCs or Tablets. There are many complexities in running a mobile ad campaign; it is difficult to track... Read more