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AT&T To Offer $200 Credit To T-Mobile Subscribers 
The telecom industry has never been as competitive as it is now, and its players vie hard and fast for our custom. We know that they have employed all sorts of stunts and tactics to gain new customers, as well as retain them, and as we start a new... Read more
5 Minute iOS 7 Jailbreak Released
It never takes hackers too long to figure out how to bypass Apple’s security rich features of their latest iOS and provide the world with details of how to Jailbreak their nice and shiny iPhones.  And iOS 7 is no exception.  The iOS7 Jailbreak has finally arrived and it... Read more
Tomb Raider Launched On iOS
The original Tomb Raider game was released over 17 years ago, way back in October 1996, for the PC and PlayStation.  It was an action-adventure game, developed by Core Design and was published by Eidos Interactive.  The main character was a female Indiana Jones type of adventurer, called Lara Croft.... Read more
Get A New iPhone for $27 At Walmart Until Christmas Eve
If you are still looking to get someone (or yourself) a smartphone for Christmas this year, don’t panic, there is still hope for you; at least until Christmas Eve, that is. It’s normal to spend a small fortune on a smartphone, especially if you want to get the latest... Read more
President Obama Not Allowed To Use iPhone
It’s a common misconception that the President of the United States can do whatever he wants to do. One would be easily forgiven for thinking that the President could have whatever kind of technology he wanted in his hands at any moment of the day or night. He’s the... Read more
FIFA iOS & Android Apps Launched
Soccer or football as we like to call it here in the U.K. is, apparently, a gentleman’s game, played by hooligans. But when I used to play, it was a hard game, with even harder players! For the love of the game, I still follow the occasional match and... Read more
Twitter Launches Vine for Windows Phone
Windows Phone users can finally capture those all important moments, in six-second bursts, as Vine for Windows Phone has finally been rolled out.  In a similar manner to the Android and iOS apps, Windows Phone users can just tap and hold the screen to begin filming a short video... Read more
Google Apps Doesn’t Support IE9 Anymore
We just heard about the update to Microsoft Web Apps, which gives it a fighting chance against Google and its online suite of tools. Now, from the other end, there is also a new development: Google Apps will no longer support Internet Explorer 9. Last week, the Google Apps... Read more
iPhone 5 Tips & Tricks From Apple Itself
Apple has launched a set of new guides called Tips and Tricks in a bid to help users discover all the lesser known new features that are packed into iOS7 and the new iPhones 5S and 5C. The pages inform users about the models that are currently available, so... Read more
Motorola’s Moto X Will Always Listen to You
Motorola has announced that the new Moto X handset will have a feature allowing it to “always listen” for the owner’s voice commands. The user of the phone can activate the Moto X’s Touchless Control System by saying “Ok Google Now”, and the handset will be ready to listen... Read more
What to Look Forward to in Android 4.3
Not long after Android 4.3 Jelly Bean was officially announced by Google, smartphone manufacturers started to make their own related announcements. Sony, in particular, gave a short list of phones that will run on the newest Android version. Of course, you do not have to buy a new phone... Read more
Welcome Back, VLC For iOS!
VLC has long been one of the most reliable video players for people all over the world. Whether you are a Mac lover or a PC loyalist, when it comes to VLC, there just seems to be a meeting point where users agree that it is one of the... Read more
Control Your Hotel Room From Your Smartphone
Premier Inn has launched a new concept in hotel rooms, known as Hub. Although it’s being termed a concept, Whitbread has committed to opening its first Hub by Premier Inn in London UK by summertime 2014. The futuristic hotel room is detailed as filling 11.4sqm of space, with storage... Read more
Samsung Kill Switch Coming Soon?
Is the Kill Switch coming soon? Electronics giant, Samsung, are to allegedly release a kill switch feature into their smartphones  to improve mobile security and prevent device theft as soon as July. The theft of Smartphones are on the rise and as the quality of the products increase, so... Read more
Mercedes QR Codes Could Save Lives
Quick Reference (QR) codes are practically everywhere and anywhere, we all know what they do, but don’t really use them much. But now, German car manufacturer Daimler AG is planning to incorporate QR code stickers to its Mercedes-Benz automobiles, as part of a push to support rescue operations in... Read more
Smartphone Apps for Nintendo Wii U?
Despite all efforts and good intentions  Nintendo’s Wii U console was not as successful as expected. This was partly blamed on the rather slim library of games for this platform, so the Japanese company is planning to solve this issue by making the console compatible with smartphone applications and games.... Read more
Smartphone Apps Can Steal Credit Card Data
We worry all the time about credit card fraud and that someone will gain access to our bank accounts and steal everything we have. And for a good reason too: Charlie Miller, a security researcher demonstrated at The Black Hat conference in Las Vegas how to steal credit card data,... Read more
First Braille Smartphone in the Works
A new smartphone developed by an Indian scientist is giving the visually impaired the possibility to use their phones for more than just taking or making calls: with the help of the special Braille display, users can also read emails and text messages. The device, dubbed the world’s first... Read more