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Tech Support Scammers Use Optimization Tools
New report by Symantec shows tech support scammers have been using call optimization software. When you run a business of any size–but especially a small operation with limited funding and a team that has to work hard while wearing many hats–it’s vital that you take advantage of cost effective... Read more
‚ÄėForeshadow‚Äô: Yet Another Security¬†Flaw¬†Found¬†In¬†Intel Chips¬†
A new security flaw in Intel processors has been discovered by researchers that could¬†allow¬†hackers¬†to steal data¬†from¬†the company‚Äôs ‚Äėsecure‚Äô¬†virtual vaults in Intel chips. ‘Foreshadow’ is the third¬†similar¬†flaw¬†of significance found¬†to¬†have¬†affected¬†Intel designed¬†chips¬†in 2018. ‚ÄúIf used for malicious purposes, this class of vulnerability has the potential to improperly infer data values from multiple... Read more
Pentagon Bans Military Personnel From Using GPS Tracking Apps 
The US Department of Defense has issued new orders to all of its branches that immediately begins restricting soldiers’ use of GPS tracking apps in places it deems to be sensitive or dangerous.  While the new orders stop short of a total ban on the use of GPS enabled devices in... Read more
Reddit Breach Exposes Logins, Public And Private Posts
If you receive an emailed daily digest of content from Reddit, you might want to head over and take a peek in your account. Specifically, you’ll want to change your password, change that password if you’ve used it on any other sites, and oh yeah, make sure you haven’t... Read more
Why Regular Software Updates Are So Important
To increase your system’s stability, fix performance problems, and improve security, an automated and regular software update is a wise decision. A regular software update routine doesn’t just ensure your applications and operating system have all the latest bells and whistles. A good software update can improve the overall... Read more
Another Amazon S3 Exposure Compromised Voter Records
This isn’t a good time to be accused of tampering with voters’ personal information, but that hasn’t stopped yet another “person who should know better” from leaving their Amazon S3 server exposed and unprotected. This time, the villain is one of those companies that dials your phone number against... Read more
What Is Cyber Security?
Understand the essence of cyber security and the issues facing digital, internet and mobile users. What is cyber security, and what kinds of security threats and implications face personal and business users of the internet and digital realm? These questions often confuse and occasionally overwhelm, as we’re bombarded on an... Read more
Hackers Patience Nets Almost $1m In Cyber Russian Bank Raid 
MoneyTakers, the infamous hacking group gained access to the bank funds through a single, outdated router. News has emerged that a professional cyber hacker group managed to steal almost $US 1,000,000 from a Russian bank earlier this month after the thieves gained access to the financial institution‚Äôs internal networks by using a router that had not been updated... Read more
Cryptowallet Counterfeits Steal Consumers’ Coins
With the hype, effort, and energy that constantly swirl around cryptocurrency, it’s no wonder that a wide variety of scams have surfaced along with it. Thanks to tactics like hoaxes, cryptojacking, and outright theft of coins, investors have more work to do than ever to ensure that they’re actually... Read more
Cryptojacking A Bigger Threat Than Ransomware
Cryptojacking to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is about to surpass ransomware as the most common cyberactivity for financial gain. For the last couple of years, ransomware attacks have been on the rise, for a variety of reasons. First, they’re fairly simple to pull off; even better, they’re easy to... Read more
Hackers Could Soon Be Using Brain Waves To Steal Passwords 
As the pace of technology quickens, new research shows that specialized headsets that utilize brainwaves will need better security to stop hackers from stealing passwords and other sensitive information.  A new study by researchers from the University of Alabama has revealed that Electroencephalograph brainwave sensing headsets, or EEG headsets for short, will need... Read more
Who’s Responsible For Tech Privacy?
Somehow, we’ve made it all the way to 2018 without really understanding that tech companies may or may not have our best interests at heart, specifically when it comes to privacy. This is the year that all heck broke loose for Facebook, for example, who has suffered privacy blunders... Read more
New Zealand Court Rules Kim ‚ÄúMegaupload‚ÄĚ Dotcom Can Be Extradited To US On Copyright Charges.
Dotcom vows to fight on after losing another court battle to avoid US extradition, and a possible 20 year jail sentence. The case dates back to 2012, when authorities staged a spectacular raid on Dotcom’s rented mansion in the Auckland area of New Zealand.  The charges are related to Mr... Read more
Fake Wifi: Hacking Made Easy
A new warning has been issued for hotel guests using public Wi-Fi connections. Most people tend to the think of cyberattacks, data breaches, and hacking as the work of highly-skilled, dark web-style operatives. The reality, though, is not quite so skilled. Not only are sophisticated tools available for sale... Read more
Low-Level Hacktivist Gets 20 Months In Jail For DDoS Attacks
In a world of highly-skilled white hat hackers, hacktivists, and outright cybercriminals, it can be hard to tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys. When even the most well-intentioned individual wreaks havoc and potentially causes physical harm, there’s no room for vigilantes. Randall Charles Tucker,... Read more
Manafort Jailed, Largely Due To “Encrypted” Messages
While Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is jailed awaiting trial, his WhatsApp and Signal messages have been subpoenaed. Encrypted messaging apps and email service providers are popular with users, not just for personal security or business-related communications. Apps like WhatsApp initially became the domain of collaborative partners who needed... Read more
Glitch Set Private Facebook Posts To Public
The latest in a long line of Facebook privacy blunders. There’s a surprise waiting in the email inboxes of about 14 million Facebook users: a mea culpa message that lets them know that their privacy settings might have let them down. According to the company, a bug at headquarters... Read more
Bitcoin Takes Dramatic Price Hit In Aftermath Of Coinrail Exchange Hack
Hackers make off with over $40,000,000 and Bitcoin has once again made the news for all the wrong reasons. The news is also ironic, as it was other currencies and tokens that were stolen, and no bitcoin itself that was taken. The price of world’s most famous virtual coin... Read more