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NSA Can Reportedly Spy on Your Smartphone
The NSA spying scandal is far from over, as new reports emerged that the U.S. intelligence gathering agency has cracked security codes protecting all major smartphones. German weekly Der Spiegel reported that both the National Intelligence Agency and its UK counterpart GCHQ have set up special teams to spy... Read more
Meet TAO: The NSA’s Elite Hacking Team
I doubt that anyone would be surprised if the United States government went outright and said “We have an elite hacking team.” It’s the stuff we see in movies, but we also know that behind every conspiracy theory lies a grain of truth. No matter how small that grain... Read more
Further Snowden Leaks – The NSA Watches Everything You Do Online
The National Secuirty Agency (NSA) has a top secret program called XKeyscore, according to new leaks from Edward Snowden. Essentially, the program tracks everything you do on the internet including your browsing history, emails, online chats and metadata. These reports come as a follow up piece from The Guardian,... Read more
Microsoft Hint Skype Calls Can Be Intercepted & Handed to The NSA
A recent statement by Microsoft on the National Security Agency (NSA), indirectly hints that any communication via Skype could be intercepted and given to the NSA. In a blog post the company said it “ that all calls, whether over the Internet or by fixed line or mobile phone,... Read more
Edward Snowden Seeking Asylum in Ecuador With Help From Wikileaks
According to an announcement from the Hong Kong government, PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden, has left Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government resisted pressures from the US to extradite Snowden, saying that “the documents provided by the US government did not fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong... Read more
Yahoo Says US Governement Made 13,000 Requests For User Data
After claims that the NSA have been tapping directly into the central servers of some of the leading US Internet companies, the companies in question have denied any involvement. Google, Apple, Facebook and Yahoo, to name just a few, have all denied any involvement but some of them have... Read more