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Antivirus Software to Protect Today’s Gadgets
Anti-Virus protection is important no matter what type device you are using. Despite what you may have heard, smartphones and tablets also need protection from viruses and malware. So it’s important to make sure that you have the right kind of anti-virus protection for your device. Several companies offer... Read more
DeleteMeMobile App – Hide Personal Information
Many people are concerned about internet privacy.  Reducing the vast amounts of information about you on the internet can be a daunting task, and most people wouldn’t even know where to start.  Now, perhaps ironically, there’s an app for that.  It’s called DeleteMeMobile, and it recently launched for iOS... Read more
SkypeHide: Keeping Skype Confidential
Secret messages, covert channels and hidden information may sound like something from the Bourne Ultimatum film, but it is also part of an alleged new offering from Skype. If Skype, which allows users to communicate via microphone, webcam, instant messaging and phone calls, goes ahead with the newfangled concept,... Read more
Avast Donates Anti-Virus Software to Schools
While users can get the basic Avast anti-virus software for free, they have to pay for the premium version. However, the Prague company is giving the premium product away to schools. The software can protect schools from hackers and viruses that can damage entire systems. Avast is making it... Read more