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Twitter’s New Security Update
Twitter recently rolled out it’s data dashboard to all users, but the company has taken this action a step further and shared some new updates as well. Available via the Web, the service will tell users about their account activation details, what devices have accessed those profiles, and recent... Read more
Version 43 Is A New Stable Update To Google Chrome
Google Chrome is a popular web browser, thanks to the repeated updates and bug fixes the developers have produced that work to make it run more smoothly and efficiently. As we’re now up to Chrome 43.0, you’d think there wouldn’t be that much more the company can do that... Read more
Concerned About Privacy On Your Mac? Try Little Snitch
Your Firewall provides protection against unwanted access from the Internet. Little Snitch gives you control over your private outgoing data, so you can have control over your privacy.Ā With Little Snitch you can track your background activity. As soon as your computer connects to the Internet, applications will often have... Read more
The FBI Can Spy On Your Cell Phone Calls Without A Warrant
There’s no doubt about it – the past couple of years have not been kind to the agencies which exist to “protect” us. Just mention the name Edward Snowden in a group of people and you’ll see what I mean. As most anyone knows, he was responsible for blowing... Read more
Tech Giants Band Together to Curb NSA Surveillance
Tech giants from all corners of the Internet world, including AOL, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and others, have banded together to fight the NSA surveillance. Sadly, even with this large alliance of technology companies sending an open letter to the Senate, the bill – dubbed the USA... Read more
Snowden Claims New Zealand Government is Involved in Mass Surveillanceā€
Edward Snowden is still living in Russia, hidden away from the US authorities looking for the whistleblower, who revealed information about the NSA, PRISM and other secret mass surveillance information. Even though some have claimed Snowden has no more to offer, with the recent crop of leaks feeling more... Read more
How To Clear Your Private Browsing Data in Firefox
Email services which are Web-based, take great precautions to ensure that only you can see your messages. They do this by many means; you may have to enter your password every time you check your mail or you may be forced to log off automatically after a period of... Read more
Who is Tracking You Online?
Whether you like it or not, every time you use the internet your activities are being trackedĀ but who is watching you and what can you do about it? Check out this infographic from HotSpot Shield that not only warns you who the bad guys are but also what you... Read more
[Readers Poll] Should Google Give People “The Right To Be Forgotten”?
As internet companies try to get the balance between privacy and freedom of information, Google has set up an online form for European citizens to request that links to obsolete information be removed. This is the first step in upholding an EU privacy ruling that gives people “the right... Read more
Facebook To Share Music On Mobile App
A new feature will be released on Facebookā€™s mobile app that is similar to Shazam, which will allow your music and Television shows to be ā€˜listenedā€™ to.Ā  Users will be able to share what they are listening to quickly, allowing the information to be published on their profile or... Read more
UK HMRC Plans To Share Tax Data
Under plans drawn up by Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Taxpayers’ personal data could be shared with private companies.Ā  If the plans were indeed given the green light, it would then allow HMRC to release anonymous tax data to third parties.Ā  These could include companies, public bodies and researchers.Ā  Not... Read more
Facebook Nearby Friends Track Feature
Facebook is introducing a new mobile feature calledĀ Nearby Friends.Ā  It can tap into the steady stream of location information that your phone gives out, so your friends will be able to track each other and thereby know where they are, in real time. This new feature will not be... Read more
Julian Assange Says More Leaks On The Way
Founder of Wikileaks,Ā Julian Assange, has criticized the National Security Agency and has hinted at future leaksĀ in a Skype interview held at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. Ā Assange, who is currently residing in the Ecuadorean embassy in London, did not give any details at all about what may... Read more
Use Yahoo Video Chats? You May Have Been Spied On
Everyday, it seems, there is new information released that makes individuals question how private their “private” lives really are. If it’s not revelations about the NSA intercepting our telephone calls and/or our emails, it seems to be something along those same lines. Unfortunately, in the year 2014, it doesn’t... Read more
Edward Snowden Sends UK Christmas Message
Well, it seems Edward Snowden has even more to say to the world. Even while on temporary asylum in Russia, he is still finding a way to make the news headlines. And this time he decided get his message out there by delivering a message to the UK on... Read more
Facebook Sued Over Message Scanning
FacebookĀ has been accused of systematically scanning of the private messages of its massive user base. And, if that wasnā€™t bad enough, Facebook then allegedly sold the data it collected to advertisers and marketers, without getting any consent from its users, according to a class action suit that was recently... Read more
AT&T Subscribers, The CIA Has Your Phone Records
And you thought the FBI and the NSA have been involved in too many domestic surveillance issues! If the reports are accurate, then even the CIA is part of this privacy mess. Then again, it’s the Central Intelligence Agency. It’s not like they would allow themselves to be left... Read more
Apple’s Transparency Report Reveals 40,000 Government Requests for User Information
Apple has released its first report detailing how many requests it has received from government agencies around the globe. According to The New York Times, Apple has disclosed the number of requests it has received for the first six months of 2013. The report said that governments from 43... Read more