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Facebook iOS App Gets Post & Comment Editing
Facebook has just rolled out the ability to edit comments and posts from within its iOS app, available for iPhone only. (Sorry iPad and iPod touch users). The feature has already rolled out to Android devices and the Web. The update allows you to view the edit history, maybe to... Read more
The New York Times Reports NSA Tracked US Mobile Phone Locations
The NSA has always denied that it tracks mobile phone location data as part of its survelliance program. But The New York Times has revealed that the agency has actually secretly tested this type of bulk data collection and it has done so more than once. These secret tests... Read more
California Law To Allow Teens To Delete Social Media Posts
California has passed a law allowing under-18s to force websites to delete their personal information. The law takes effect from 2015 and includes content that has been posted by the individual, like photos and content. However, companies will not be made to remove content posted or reposted by others.... Read more
Facebook $20m Privacy Settlement
A couple of days ago, on August 27, 2013 Facebook has agreed to make changes to its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities as part of a $20m settlement covering the use of names and likenesses in advertising.  A California judge on Monday gave final approval to a $20m (£13m) settlement... Read more
Facebook Releases Its First Global Government Requests Report
Facebook is keen to reassure us that its core values are still “transparency and trust” and that it takes seriously the privacy of its users, with the release of its first Global Government Request Report. So what information can we expect to glean from the report? Well Facebook’s aim... Read more
The FBI Can Remotely Activate your Android & Laptop Mics!
Concerns about privacy and the government spying on private lives have always been around. The fear of a Big Brother society is nothing new, and “scandals” that saw the light of day in recent times –  PRISM and FBI’s Magic Lantern – have not helped those already suffering from... Read more
Facebook Considers Profile Photos For Facial Recognition
Facebook is taking into consideration the possibility of incorporating most of its 1 billion-plus members’ profile photos into its growing facial recognition database and thus expanding the entire scope of the social network’s controversial technology. This move, which Facebook has revealed in a revise to its data use policy... Read more
Further Snowden Leaks – The NSA Watches Everything You Do Online
The National Secuirty Agency (NSA) has a top secret program called XKeyscore, according to new leaks from Edward Snowden. Essentially, the program tracks everything you do on the internet including your browsing history, emails, online chats and metadata. These reports come as a follow up piece from The Guardian,... Read more
Microsoft Hint Skype Calls Can Be Intercepted & Handed to The NSA
A recent statement by Microsoft on the National Security Agency (NSA), indirectly hints that any communication via Skype could be intercepted and given to the NSA. In a blog post the company said it “ that all calls, whether over the Internet or by fixed line or mobile phone,... Read more
1 In 5 Say – Ban Google Glass!
The Centre for Creative and Social Technology (CAST) at Goldsmiths University of London along with the website hosting company Rackspace have conducted a survey of 4,000 people and discovered that half of the respondents had privacy concerns when it came to wearable devices like Google Glass. 61 percent of... Read more