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Microsoft Launches Affordable Internet Fund For Underserved Markets
Microsoft has announced its launch of a new fund with the intention of helping startups and commercial companies to offer access to affordable Internet in “underserved markets.” Microsoft’s new Affordable Access Initiative will offer grants to commercial enterprises that that can prove demonstrable scalable solutions, which can facilitate access to... Read more
Project Loon Sends Google Internet Balloons Around The World
According to Google’s official blog, the Internet giant has come to an arrangement with three of the biggest mobile operators in Indonesia, to bring Google’s balloon powered Internet to the next stage of development. The move will hopefully bring  the web within reach of 100 million Indonesians who currently... Read more
Project Loon Could Be Google X’s First Huge Success
When Google X first launched, the goal was to work on ideas outside of the typical world of software and services, including things like an air-wind turbine, an artificial human brain and immortality. As these projects became more than the simple engineer ideas, Google started to work on business... Read more
Qualcomm And Virgin Are Investing In A Satellite Internet Venture
Richard Branson the head of Virgin, has said that his company is joining up with Qualcomm in order to put thousands of Internet satellites into orbit to offer Web access to remote locations on the planet, which currently don’t have Internet access. The idea of providing Internet access globally is... Read more
Google Furthering Tests For Project Wing
At the moment Google is all about the drones. After testing their hardware for delivery drones as a part of its Project Wing program in Australia, the company has now asked the Federal Communications Commission for permission to allow test the drones, which could eventually be used to deliver internet access to... Read more
Google Wants In On Virgin Galactic
I may have mentioned once or twice that Google is never one to be lagging in state of the art tech.  The search engine giant is apparently in talks with Virgin Galactic to strike up a deal, which will give to Google critical access to satellite-launch technology and also... Read more
Google X Projects – The Ones That Made It & Those That Didn’t
For anyone who doesn’t already know, Google X is Google’s top-secret lab that has been responsible for Google Glass, weather balloons that provide internet connections to the remotest parts of the world and self-driving cars. The team of engineers who work in Google X are tasked with thinking not... Read more
Project Loon Testing LTE In Nevada
Google’s Project Loon has expanded its testing in the Nevada desert. It is, allegedly for the very first time, delving into the licensed radio spectrum. Google themselves have declined to comment on the secret trials, but a local official has confirmed they are related to Project Loon, and recent... Read more
Follow Google’s Project Loon On Its Journey
Google announced its Project Loon last year. Its aim is to bring the internet to the most remote parts of the world, where it is near impossible to currently get access. The project is now well under way and you can track the helium ballons as they journey around... Read more
Is Facebook Acquiring Drone Company To Take On Google?
Facebook has been shelling out some serious money over the last few years.  First of all there was the purchase of Sequoia capital-backed Parakey in 2007, then, a few years later and at a more costly amount came Gowalla for $3 million. Next up in the big purchase line... Read more
Sergey Brin Splits from Wife for Google Glass Exec
It has emerged that Google co-founder Sergey Brin and his wife Anne Wojciciki are living apart. A spokesperson for the couple confirmed that “they have been living apart for several months. They remain good friends and partners.” Brin and his wife, who is co-founder of the company 23andMe, are... Read more
Google Project Loon: Internet Everywhere
Loon for all. Google Inc has piloted a program, named Project Loon, which is aimed at bringing a reliable internet connection to the most remote regions on earth.  The company has launched a small network of balloons over the Southern Hemisphere to start the testing. The program started this... Read more