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Software Startups Declining In Number
New research shows that the number of software startups in the last couple of years has declined sharply. All good things must come to an end, it seems, and in the world of software, it seems to be true than ever before. The technology sector is no stranger to... Read more
BlackJet – The Uber For Planes isn’t Taking off
Everyone has heard about Uber, the startup that connects people with drivers with a tap – or two. For cities where Uber has a presence, commuters are treated to the convenience of finding a ride with ease, as opposed to flailing your arms about and perfecting your wolf whistling... Read more
Whill’s Wheelchair Alternative Is Ready For Pre-Orders
The hardware startup Whill, wants to redesign the wheelchair, but that is not all the company wants to accomplish. They also want to fight the stigma surrounding disability, by creating lustrous and modern mobility devices for all. The company was founded by former Sony, Olympus and Toyota engineers and... Read more
Wishbone: Education Crowdfunded
Wishbone allowed Eighty kids got to attend academic summer camps and after-school programs this year.  Now, the education crowdfunding platform has begun to allow children in need in the NYC and the Bay Area to apply for assistance. The non-profit startup has spent the last year increasing its fundraising... Read more
Umano App Reads The News To You With Voice Actors
The Umano application reads articles aloud so you can catch up on the news while driving or working out at the gym or doing whatever it is you guys get up to? The team behind the app at SoThree inc believe that audio recordings may help publishers generate more... Read more
Exitround Gives Failing Startups A Way Out
Startups have cropped up like mushrooms after the rain. There is a glut of startups. There are some pundits who are of the opinion that the whole scene is “bubbly”, with the bubble soon to burst. If it hasn’t already. Though there are strong arguments against that, it cannot... Read more
Travelmob Could Be The Airbnb Of Asia
From humble beginnings in 2008, Airbnb has expanded its operations worldwide, adding new features and hiring people on a regular basis. With the exposure that Airbnb has had, it seems safe to say that the startup has made a significant impact on how people deal with their travel bookings.... Read more
Why It’s Difficult to Find Talent For Startups
Many startups agree that one of the major difficulties in getting off the ground is finding talented workers. Startups that are unable to find workers with the right skills may be unable to grow their businesses. Tech startups are usually looking for workers with a specific technical, scientific, and... Read more
Why The E-Book Experience Will Only Get Better In 2013
Only several years ago, I used to be one of those hardcore paper book lovers. I was adamant about not going the e-book way, if only because I have always loved printed books. The look, feel, and smell of paper is certainly unmatchable. There is a lot of love... Read more
Pretty Penny: Online Couponing For Young Women
Couponing has always been a popular activity, and when the economy takes a downturn, it becomes even more so. With the advent of online couponing, more people have discovered this brilliant way to save money, even leading the way to what has been called “extreme couponing”. And just when... Read more
DogVacay: The Airbnb For Pets
I’m a pet lover. Memories of childhood almost always includes a menagerie in the background. As an adult, however, I have had to rein in my love of pets, simply because I cannot really afford to take care of one. Not to mention the problem of “who’s going to... Read more
Slush in Helsinki

Slush in Helsinki

Internet November 16, 2012

Slush is the largest conference in Northern Europe and Russia where startups and tech experts join with designers to create innovative new ideas that will impress the world. This conference was started in 2008 by a group of Finnish entrepreneurs. Now, it attracts an international audience to the area. ... Read more