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The End Of The Vine…
Well that’s that then, it’s official, Twitter is Vinally ending its popular video looping app, Vine. It was the Vinest of time, it was the worst of times… Vine, which Twitter,  the social media company bought for a guesstimated $30 million in 2012 that plays 6 second loops in... Read more
Google, Intel, Mozilla, Netflix, And Others Form Alliance For Open Media
Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, Netflix, Amazon, and Cisco, have become day one members of the newly formed Alliance for Open Media. The Alliance (AOMedia) is an open source, not for profit project intent on creating ‘a new, open royalty-free video codec specification…with binding specifications for media formats…’ The overall... Read more
Kodi Steps Up With The End Of Windows Media Center
The much-speculated about launch of Windows 10 will happen in a matter of days–or a little over 150 hours, even, if you’re one of the rare fans who’s rabidly attached to all things Microsoft–and already the critics are bemoaning the changes. With forums throughout the internet arguing the merits... Read more
Netflix Confirms Offline Playback Will “Never Happen”
Netflix foolishly announced offline playback would be coming to Honeycomb tablets back in 2011, and ever since fans of the streaming service have waited for the feature. Well the wait is now over, Netflix’s director of communications and technology Cliff Edwards has revealed offline playback is “never going to... Read more
Shutdown of The Pirate Bay Has No Effect on Piracy Rates
The Pirate Bay has been the most popular torrent site for the past decade, but on Dec. 9 the Swedish police force managed to raid the server room, shutting down the piracy site. What was marvelled as a big step towards beating piracy has had almost zero effect however,... Read more
Amazon May Be Preparing Ad-Supported Instant Video Service
Amazon Instant Video is not looking too hot, when compared to Netflix on peak Internet traffic. The two video streamers stack up at 2.5 percent and 34.8 percent, respectively. In order to close the gap, Amazon is reportedly looking to create an ad-supported Instant Video service, where users can... Read more
Amazon Announces Fire TV Stick, Chromecast Alternative‏
The best selling electronic device on is the Chromecast, but Amazon is looking to change this with their own inexpensive streaming dongle. Named the Fire TV Stick, Amazon is looking to package all of the goodness from the Fire TV in a $39 HDMI-stick. Amazon has worked hard... Read more
HBO Streaming Service to Cost $15 per Month‏
HBO has announced they will be bringing a broadband-only streaming service sometime in 2015, alongside network CBS, who have also announced CBS “All Access” for the ten-million broadband-only customers in the U.S. The HBO service will shows all of the current HBO shows, alongside some past shows on-demand. This... Read more
Apple TV vs Chromecast – Which is Better?
We recently asked TechBeat readers to tell us whether they use Google’s Chromecast or Apple TV for streaming audio and video content. The result was that 67% percent of you have chosen Chromecast, so let’s a look at both Apple TV and Chromecast to find out why it has... Read more
[Readers’ Poll] Apple TV or Chromecast – Which Do You Use?
External TV streaming services are becoming increasingly popular, perhaps the best on the market being Chromecast and Apple TV. Although generally speaking both devices do the same thing, stream video and audio content to your TV, there are some significant differences but what we want to know here at... Read more
Netflix Begins Testing Privacy Mode
Content streaming service Netflix, are currently testing a private viewing mode, which keeps your viewing content history totally private from anyone else who uses the main profile on the Netflix account. The testing period is expected to continue throughout the next couple of months. The interesting thing about this feature... Read more
Official UK Music Chart To Now Include Streaming
I remember when I was child, my big sister would go nuts if she was going to miss ‘taping’ the Official Top 40 on a Sunday afternoon.  I guess she wanted to listen to the tape all week until next week’s Official Top 40 was announced.  The sales of... Read more
XBMC Media Center 13.0 Beta 4
XBMC is a great, award winning media center application.  It is the ultimate hub for all of your media; XBMC is easy to use, has a slick look and has a huge community following. Why not try it now for free.  The software is available for Linux, Mac OS... Read more
Amazon Announces Fire TV, the $99 Set-Top Box
Amazon has announced that it will begin shipping its very own video streaming device, the Amazon Fire TV, for $99. According to Amazon’s Peter Larsen, Fire TV will not be affected by issues that plague other living room hardware and in his presentation focused on the problems with search,... Read more
Netflix May Soon Cost More For You To Stream
Do you regularly stream Netflix? So do I. Maybe a better question would be, “Who doesn’t regularly stream Netflix?” Honestly, I find it hard to believe that most everyone isn’t already a subscriber. There aren’t too many deals out there for $7.99 per month which allow you to stream... Read more