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Is Twitter Becoming Too Complicated?
Some time last year, I discovered a simple infographic detailing the stages of getting Twitter. It is rather funny, some may say in a deprecatory kind of way, but if you think about it, the stages are rather accurate. They are as follows: complete inability to understand Twitter, trying... Read more
Twitter And Nielsen Ratings Team Up
Nielsen Ratings are still considered a crucial television ratings tool for advertisers, yet the program still relies on antiquated sampling numbers to produce its results. Twitter on the other hand is heavily semantic, providing second-by-second updates to its users. Now the two company’s have announced a new TV rating... Read more
Occupy Wall Street Protester Pleads Guilty to Keep Tweets Private
Malcolm Harris pled guilty to disorderly conduct during the mass march in October 2011 across the Brooklyn Bridge.  He has been the subject of an ongoing battle between Twitter and the government.   Back in September, a New York Supreme Court Judge ruled that Twitter must provide the tweets... Read more
Twitter Debuts Aviary-Powered Photo Filters For Smartphones
Twitter has gone the way of Instagram, debuting its very own photo filters powered by the Aviary photo platform. News of the new photo filters arrives just after Instagram pulled its full photo support from the Twitter social network. The new platform is powered by Aviary, the same company... Read more
Before 2012 Ends, We Can Download All Our Tweets!
Earlier this year, the Twitter’s numbers were already impressive, with 140 million active users sending 340 million tweets every single day. Come to think of it, how many tweets do you send every day? How many tweets have you sent since you signed up? You may or may not... Read more
Twitter’s Fiction Festival – As it Happened
In October, fiction writers and readers in the Twitterverse got all excited about the first ever Twitter Fiction Festival. It did happen and was in fact launched last Wednesday and ended on Sunday. If you followed the hashtag #twitterfiction, you would have been all agog at the pretty amazing... Read more
Twitter’s Fiction Festival!
What do you use Twitter for? For some people – no, a lot of people it seems – Twitter is a venue to promote themselves or their business. For others, Twitter is a way of holding a conversation with themselves, with or without the hopes of having other people chime... Read more