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CIA Joins Facebook & Twitter
Well, you just never know who you’ll find on social media these days. Of course there are all kinds of people who you would expect – celebrities, athletes, big-name type people – but there are some organizations and people who you wouldn’t exactly expect to see sending out a... Read more
Twitter Sarcasm Detector Bought By Secret Service
There are continual threats of terrorism throughout the world!  People are under attack, governments are under attack and officials are trying to find ways to ensure the continual safety of citizens.  Agencies like the Secret Service, are always trying to find ways to increase the safety of U.S. citizens.... Read more
Twitter Adds Mute Function To Mobile Apps
After I started to use Twitter, it didn’t really take long at all before I was irritated by the amount of tweets certain people would write. Of course, this would mostly happen during certain sporting events, where someone would tweet after every good or bad play, or every awful... Read more
Lamps That Spy On People & Tweet Their Conversations
Be careful what you say in public. No, really – be careful what you say in public because you just never know who or what may be listening to your words. It could be the person sitting at the table beside you. It could be the waitress who overhears part... Read more
Teen Arrested For Hoax Terrorism Tweet To American Airlines
A 14-year-old girl from the Netherlands thought that I was a good idea to play a joke with American Airlines by sending a terror threat via Twitter. The tweet read “Hello my name’s Ibrahim and I’m from Afghanistan. I’m part of Al Qaida and on June 1st I’m gonna... Read more
White House Angry At Obama Selfie
We all know that selfies are the thing to do right now. After Ellen DeGeneres’s record-breaking selfie at the Oscars, everyone seems to be wanting to get in on the action – including Major League baseball players and the President of the United States. (In fact, if the rumors... Read more
Twitter Adds Messaging To Vine Video App
Twitter has said that users of its Vine video app are now able to send their contacts private videos and other messages.  This is a clear indication that they are stepping up competition with Facebook in the mobile-messaging market. The new introduction means that Twitter and Facebook both now... Read more
Free WiFi At Manchester City Football Club Stadium
Manchester City has become the first Premier League football club to introduce free WiFi throughout their stadium.  The Etihad Stadium now has high-density broadband and it marks an ongoing digital initiative at the club, which includes apps that are aimed at visiting fans to help them navigate the area. ... Read more
Twitter Blocked Again, This Time It’s Turkey
Some countries are, shall I say, a tad irked over their citizens using social media outlets to voice their opinions. Turkey is the latest in a long line of countries that are stopping access to the social media website.  Currently any Twitter users in Turkey are being redirected to a statement... Read more
Twitter May Soon Let You See Your Tweet Views
If you’ve used Twitter for any amount of time at all, there comes a point when you wonder if anyone is even looking at your tweets. This is especially true when you are just starting out and it seems like everyone (including their mother) is getting favorited and retweeted... Read more
LeBron James’ Galaxy Phone Deletes Everything
If you use Twitter and/or Facebook, it’s only natural every once in a while to want to vent about your frustrations. It doesn’t matter if you have two followers on Twitter or if you have thousands of friends on Facebook – a bad day is a bad day when... Read more
Venezuelan Government Blocks Protest Images On Twitter
Twitter has confirmed that the Venezuelan government has been blocking images of protests and demonstrations that began earlier this month in provincial towns. Venezuelans have had to rely on information from foregin reporters and social media in order to get around the state-controlled media. Nu Wexler, spokesperson for Twitter,... Read more
Courtney Love Wins Twitter Trial
A California jury recently decided that Courtney Love should not be held accountable for a tweet she aimed at her former lawyer, Rhonda Holmes.  This is the first trial that will involve allegations of slander on Twitter in a U.S. court.  Love originally hired Rhoda Holmes in order to deal with... Read more
Facebook Buys Branch & Potluck
Social media giant, Facebook has just added 10 new talented people to its human resource pool, thanks to the acquisition of Branch and Potluck for a reported price of $15 million. Cemre Güngör and Josh Miller founded the social platform Branch, back in 2012 with backing from Twitter co-founders... Read more
Twitter Ousts Facebook As The Best Tech Company To Work For 
It used to be that every tech head wanted to work for Google. I suppose that still applies for many people, what with all the perks that Google gives its employees, not to mention the cred you rack up if you work for the Big G. In the past... Read more
Apple Buys Topsy Labs To Access Twitter Analytics
Apple has recently been spending some of its massive $137 billion cash pile in some corporate acquisitions.  We reported recently that they have purchased Primesense at an estimated cost of $345 million. We ascertained this acquisition was probably bought for the rumoured Apple iTV product, as Primesense was the innovative... Read more
Twitter Expands into New 10,000-Square Foot Silicon Valley Office 
It hasn’t been more than two weeks since the Twitter IPO, but the microblogging company is not resting on its laurels. Not that it can, really, with its stock price going down (although it’s still not performing that badly). What Twitter is doing in Silicon Valley, though, is something... Read more
Twitter Launches Vine for Windows Phone
Windows Phone users can finally capture those all important moments, in six-second bursts, as Vine for Windows Phone has finally been rolled out.  In a similar manner to the Android and iOS apps, Windows Phone users can just tap and hold the screen to begin filming a short video... Read more