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Sony Looking To Announce Smartwatch 3 And SmartBand At IFA
Sony has a lot on their plate for IFA 2014 next week, not only does the Japanese company plan to launch the Xperia Z3, but the Xperia Z3 Compact and new wearables should be on the menu, alongside the Smartwatch 3 and SmartBand Talk. These two new wearables will... Read more
Is There A ‘Star Trek’ Communication Device On The Horizon?
Jesse Robbins took a step away form the tech industry and began training as a part-time firefighter and emergency medical technician for the Palo Alto (California) Fire Department, while continuing to juggle a position as a systems engineer.  Jump forward a decade or so later and Robbins has decided... Read more
WEMU: Epilepsy Detector & Monitor
There has been a great deal of news in the field of wearable technology of late, especially in medical circles.  The latest initiative is a collaborative effort by a medical device company, Bioserenity (from France), an epilepsy organization, Epilepsy Action from the UK and another French organization called Efappe.... Read more
Sproutling: Wearable Tech For Baby Safety
Do you worry about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or your baby’s sleeping habits?  Many parents do!  Perhaps you’ve bought baby monitors that monitor the heartbeat of your baby to give you peace of mind.  Well now there is a new wearable technology called the Sproutling Baby Monitor!  Created... Read more
Solar Clothes That Can Charge Your Phone!
A fatal flaw in all smartphones (and other tech) is that they have to be plugged into something to be charged. I say “flaw”, but really it’s more of an inconvenience – technology is great – except when the battery dies and you’ve forgotten your charger at home. Oh,... Read more
Smart Shoes Now Available
OK, so we have Smart phones and Smart fridges.  But Smart shoes? C’mon! Lechal shoes (named after the Hindi phrase “take me along”) are removable insoles which are bursting with technology; the insole in each shoe contains a battery and a Bluetooth transmitter.  The charge on the battery will hold... Read more
Wearable Technology Shop On Amazon
Not only does Amazon sell most products you can’t get anywhere else, they have now introduced a new online store completely devoted to wearable technology in the UK.  Over 100 devices you can wear are on offer; with products like smart watches, smart glasses, activity trackers and wearable cameras,... Read more
[Readers Poll] Google Glass – Would You Buy It?
At last, after months of waiting, Google Glass is finally becoming more widely available. But wait – does anyone actually want to buy one?! So over to you TechBeat readers, here’s your chance to have your say and tell us what you really think about Google Glass! FYI –... Read more
Google Glass Now Available in The UK
Google has announced that they have released Glass in the UK, thereby making it the second country to get the new eyewear after the US.  The prototype kit costs £1,000 and is currently being targeted at developers, not at consumers. There are many concerns with Google Glass, especially regarding... Read more
High-Tech Glasses To Rival Google Glass
It feels like we’ve been talking about Google Glass for a long time, so much so that you would be forgiven for thinking there is nothing more to say on the subject. Yet there are other high-tech smart glasses out there, all of which can do things Google Glass... Read more
Ringly: Beautiful Wearable Tech For Women
Ringly is an 18k-gold plated ring which connects to a smartphone.  The ring then discreetly notifies the wearer when she receives a text or a call.  The idea behind Ringly is to incorporate new tech into women’s everyday accessories.  This is so that they may enjoy the moment without missing... Read more
Get Ready For The Microsoft Smartwatch
The wearable tech wars between the giants, and Microsoft is making sure that it will not be left behind this time. Forbes has learned that Microsoft is indeed coming out with a smartwatch that is loaded with sensors that measures heart rate. We heard rumors recently, but it looks... Read more
Smart T-shirt Reads Vitals
A t-shirt that can read vital signs?  Now that’s wearable technology!  OMsignal from Montreal has developed a t-shirt that can read vital signs, check how much calories you’ve burned and even see how stressed you are. The shirt is connected to an application on the iPhone.  The sensors in... Read more
Police in Dubai To Get Google Glass
Do you always pay attention to how you drive? Personally I do actually try to keep my speed in check, but there is always the local law enforcement to ensure we all drive safely and within the speed limit. If you live in Dubai, however, you will need to... Read more
What Wearable Tech Are You Wearing?
Nowadays you can get a  wearable device for just about every part of your body. Everything from smart glasses and smart watches, to smart tattoos and smart bras. I have trouble deciding what to wear every morning, never mind deciding what piece of technology to strap to my body.... Read more
Sunglasses You Can’t Lose, Thanks To Bluetooth
I don’t wear sunglasses very often, but it’s not because I like being blinded by the sun. It’s because I can’t ever seem to find them when I need them. And it’s either because I’ve taken them in the house from the car and laid them somewhere, or my... Read more
Fake Your Mood With AgencyGlass
We can fake a lot of things, as that old saying “fake it till you make it” didn’t just come out of nowhere – but it’s really hard to fake things with our eyes. Unfortunately, our eyes are often tell-tale signs of exactly how we’re feeling inside – if... Read more
Nike Fires Fuelband Team But New Colours On The Way
Recent reports towards the end of last week said that Nike were allegedly going to be shutting down its FuelBand department following a spate of layoffs on Friday.  If this were true however, it would marked a significant exit in the wearable fitness device market by one of the most prominent... Read more