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Leaked – Galaxy Gear Companion App
The latest leak news for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is here. Now that we know it is coming on Spetember 4, we can get to the nitty gritty of what to expect from the new device. A screenshot has been discovered on Twitter by @evleaks, confirming that the... Read more
Samsung Galaxy Gear Arriving September 4 – Confirmed
We all had a good incling of what might be coming at Samsung’s Unpacked event in Berlin next week, the Galaxy Note 3 being the main one but now thanks to an announcement from a Samsung executive, we all now know that we will definitely be seeing the Galaxy... Read more
Omate Truesmart Smartwatch Goes into Production
The smartwatch from Omate has reached its crowdfunded target and raised more than $100,000   so the company is set to put it into production. The Omate Truesmart is different from any other smartwatch that is already on the market because it can be fitted with a micro-Sim card... Read more
Want Google Glass With Your Merc?
Is it just me, or is the hype surrounding Google Glass dying down? Perhaps there just isn’t much more to talk about, with the launch date still quite far off. Still, the fact that other “glass-type” devices are cropping up provides justification to the idea that wearable tech is... Read more
Samsung’s Smart Watch Could Be Coming September 4
The smart watch from Samsung, the Galaxy Gear, is reported to be coming next month. According to Bloomberg, the smart watch will be unveiled on September 4, that’s two days before the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. It also means it will be released less than a week... Read more
Samsung Smartwatch Rumours
The U.S Patent and Trademark Office have received a patent that was filed by Samsung. It is listed as a Samsung Galaxy Gear and is clearly Samsung’s entry into the smartwatch market. The trademark’s description is rather vague, specifying a “Wearable digital electronic devices in the form of a... Read more
Meet GlassUp: Your Google Glass Alternative
Google Glass has been getting a lot of hype, and rightly so. The era of wearable tech is dawning, and it is only to be expected that Google will lead the way in this regard. Of course, once the idea is out there, you can’t expect other innovative minds... Read more
FIDO: Helping Dogs Communicate
Wearable devices could offer more interactivity than laptops, smartphones, or tablets as a research project at Georgia Tech called FIDO (Facilitating Interactions for Dogs with Occupations) is exploring ways to create wearable devices for our canine companions. We are just starting to see the early adopters of wearable computing... Read more
Larry Page Snubs Sun Valley Conference to Showcase Glass at Wedding
Companies promote their new devices and products but no one it seems is as keen as Larry Page. We know that Page likes to show off Google Glass by wearing it at every opportunity but he has reached a new level as according to reports, he wore a pair... Read more
Dell to Enter The Wearable Computing Niche?
With the availability of Google Glass to the general public coming closer and closer, the interest in wearable computing has never been this strong. Of course, the concept has always been a topic of interest for forward thinkers, and it is also a bone of content for those who... Read more
Apple Hire Former Yves Saint Laurent CEO
It has been reported that Apple have hired the former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Deneve, to work on “special projects”. The report was first confirmed by Adam Satariano a Bloomberg reporter, who tweeted that Deneve will report to Apple’s CEO  Tim Cook.  Satariano was told, “We’re thrilled... Read more
Google Glass Gets A Web Browser
Google Glass now has a web browser, after Google added new updates to the wearable technology on Monday. They say they have made it easier to find new content and communicate hands-free. In a Google+ post the company said “We’ve been exploring ways to let you quickly dive deeper... Read more
7 Google Glass Features That Will Convince You to Buy
When Google Glass was first “announced” back in early 2012, the rumor mill went on overdrive. Speculation was rife about what Google was planning to do. Wearable technology ideas were thrown left and right. Augmented reality rumors were even brought up. At this point, with Google Glass being available... Read more
Passboard: A Password You Can Wear
There is a hugely growing market for password management.  For many, the increasing amount of options for managing passwords has come as a welcome relief, as many people must rely on multiple variations of passwords for each online service. Keeping track of all of your passwords can be a... Read more
India’s Government Developing Wristwatch To Combat Rape
Over the last several weeks several brutal gang-rapes of female bus passengers have been reported in India. To combat those types of attacks in the future the Indian government has commissioned the create of wearable tech that can protect potential victims. At this time authorities believe a simple wearable... Read more