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Wearables are everywhere these days, they even have their very own show! At this year’s Wearable Technology Show, held at the Excel Centre in... Top 5 Products from Wearable Technology Show 2015

Wearables are everywhere these days, they even have their very own show! At this year’s Wearable Technology Show, held at the Excel Centre in London UK, the field has been opened up wide in all sorts of areas. From medical technology and sport and fitness through to augmented reality, the one hundred or so exhibitors were showcasing the latest in cutting edge tech, to be tried, tested and researched for developers, the media and the public alike.

With the hundreds of different products on display, it really is a difficult job to narrow down a few really excelling gadgets that really caught our eyes. But for your sake, it had to be done! This is a quick rundown on the top five products from this year’s event.

1) The Burg Smartwatch

Smartwatches are quickly becoming the latest gadget to have and the team at Burg have produced smartwatches that have the look of a traditional watch but with loads of tech packed inside.  The Burg Smartwatch has many of the same features as most others on the market. The device can be used in the same manner as a phone, to take calls and view messages. The Burg Smartwatch can also record sound and video too. It is capable of pairing with both iOS and Android platforms and it can also be paired with Bluetooth headsets for ‘hands free’ use. The Burg Smartwatch is available now for approximately £125.

2) The Teiimo iilation Jacket

The Teiimo iilation Jacket is a leather jacket that is both fashionable and connected. The jacket is available in a classically elegant men’s edition and a fashionably tailored ladies variety. The jacket is Bluetooth enabled and has a phone charger as well. The Teiimo iilation Jacket is also self heating and is capable of heating the shoulders, back, neck, and kidneys.

3) V1bes Stress Meter App and Ring

The V1bes Stress Meter Ring has been designed to use EEG (brainwave frequency) analytics, coupled with ECG (heart rate variability) analytics and EMF (body’s radiation absorption level) to provide data to calculate just how stressed the wearer is. The ring delivers this data to a companion application, which the wearer can then view to ascertain what exactly stresses them out, and more importantly what is the best way to combat it.

4) Epson’s BT-200 AR Smart Glasses

The BT-200 AR smart glasses have been touted by Epson as being able to take augmented reality into the next generation. The smart glasses are deigned for entertainment, manufacturing, medical science and other applications.

Epson has designed these glasses with a display in each lens, so that it minimises distraction. The BT-200 AR smart glasses come with a front-facing camera and a motion tracker and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which allow you to browse the web, play games, stream content and check email.  The device is available now for approximately £569.

5) Atlas Wearables Wristband

There are lots of exercise bands currently on the market, but the Atlas wristband is a cut above most. It is capable of detecting when the wearer is exercising, can count your reps and sets and will calculate the calories burned and evaluates the data gathered. The wristband can learn algorithms and can also detect track exercises in 3D. The Atlas Wristband can be pre-ordered from the Atlas Wearables website for approximately £165.

This year’s Wearable Technology Show has been a big success for both exhibitors and developers. Let’s hope next year’s show will be even bigger with more seminars and more guest speakers. Once again TeachBeat will be covering the event and will bring the best of the newest wearable tech straight to you.

[images via excel-london]