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Nokia’s “Treasure Tags” Help You Find Lost Keys
There is nothing more frustrating than losing your keys, but thanks to Nokia that might no longer be a problem. According to sources the firm is planning to launch a “Treasure Tag” accessory that is able to track items using Bluetooth and NFC with a Lumia Windows phone. Apparently... Read more
Nokia 909 Image Leaked
Nokia has somehow managed to hang on to dear life, thanks to the high end phones that it has been churning out. While many of the people in my circle would never think about getting a Windows phone, there is still a market for such a device. And, if... Read more
HTC One Windows Phone 8 On The Horizon?
This new rumour regarding the variant of the HTC One will look very similar to the metallic flagship model, but will be powered by Microsoft’s tile-based operating system, Neowin reports. The phone won’t be a clone or carbon copy of the original HTC One, but will have a similar look.... Read more
Windows Phones Outsell iPhones!
In what universe??? Even if you’ve stuck by Microsoft through all these years, I think that if you are a pragmatic person even in the loosest sense of the word, you would not really think that Windows Phones outsell iPhones. In any universe. Then again, stranger things have happened,... Read more
Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Support Ending July 2014
The Windows Phone 8 OS was more well received than its predecessor but come July 2014 users better be ready to upgrade. Microsoft has announced that both Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8 will lose official support in mid-2014. Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 8 in July 2013... Read more
Top Tips For Monitoring Your Mobile Data
Smartphones, Tablets and other cellular connected devices have begun to take over our lives. Unfortunately as we begin to connect more outside of the home the cost of mobile data is skyrocketing. Thankfully there are plenty of useful apps on the market that allow users to monitor mobile phone... Read more