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Chrome Ends Support For Windows XP And Vista
Well it had to happen eventually. But last week Google officially announced that support for its Chrome browser on older (legacy) operating systems has finally happened. The news came the day after Google rolled out the latest version of the browser, Chrome 50, with the following blog post: “Today,... Read more
Google Chrome Ending Windows XP Support At End Of Year
Google Chrome has announced the end of support for Windows XP will come at the end of the year, one full year after Microsoft dropped extended support for the decade-old operating system. Most programs still heavily used on Windows XP remain active through extended support, including Oracle’s Java program.... Read more
Mainstream Support For Windows 7 Ends-Extended Support Continues
Time flies doesn’t it? Only recently support for Windows XP ended. So I was amazed to hear that Microsoft will no longer offer mainstream support for Windows 7 from 13/01/15. The final mainstream support ending means the relatively new operating system will no longer receive any new features. Microsoft... Read more
Microsoft Security Flaw Affecting Windows 95 Onwards Patched
Microsoft announced the other day that there has been a critical security flaw in all versions of their operating system. It has existed in all versions of  the Windows OS since Windows 95. So, I guess for the last 19 years the guys over at Microsoft have been looking... Read more
Microsoft Unhappy About Windows XP Update Hack
Still hooked on Microsoft XP for whatever reason? Even though the company has officially said goodbye to the iconic operating system, and the deadline has come and gone, there are still hardcore XP users out there. And when I say hardcore, I mean hardcore – to the point that... Read more
The XPocalypse is Here: It’s Really Goodbye to Windows XP!
This is it, folks. The day that Windows XP users have been dreading for the past several months since Microsoft announced that it was going to end support for the beloved operating system. April 8 is here. The XPocalypse is here. And it comes alongside the latest Windows 8.1... Read more
Windows 7 Still Dominating OS Market Followed By Windows XP
It’s less than a week before Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows XP, but it doesn’t look like Microsoft’s attempts to get people off the operating system has made a significant impact. NetMarketshare just released the latest data on operating system market shares, which only goes to show that the... Read more
Microsoft Offers $100 Discount On New PCs to XP Users
Last week, Microsoft held up a carrot on a stick with a $50 gift card to customers who buy a device from a selection. It seems like the stunt didn’t really work as expected, though, as before the week ended, Microsoft doubled the incentive. Now, people who purchase select... Read more
More Than 60% Of ATMs Will Continue Running Windows XP After EOS
By now, everyone aged two to 92 is probably aware of the fact that April 8 is going to be the day we have to say goodbye to Windows XP, although technically, the operating system will not disappear. It’s just that Microsoft will end support for it, making devices... Read more
Microsoft Entices Users To Upgrade To Windows 8.1 With $50 Gift Card
While talk about Microsoft working on a free version of Windows 8.1 is going around – which is good press, definitely – the company is not yet done with its campaign to get loyal Windows XP users to upgrade. (By the way, have you seen the warning popup on... Read more
Microsoft To Launch Windows XP Warning Popup
Last week, I asked (perhaps rhetorically) if Microsoft’s push for people to ditch Windows XP will ever end. I suppose I can keep asking that, as Microsoft is supposed to launch a Windows XP warning popup on the 8th of March; and it’s supposed to look like the screenshot... Read more
Once More, Microsoft Pushes For Users to Ditch Windows XP
When will it end? I suppose only when Windows XP ceases to exist? Earlier this month, Microsoft urged techies to help their friends and families transition from Windows XP to Windows 8.1. Via a blog post, the company highlighted – not for the first time – that support for... Read more
Microsoft: “Help Your Friends And Family Get Off Windows XP”
That it is time to say goodbye to Windows XP is old news. Microsoft has given Windows XP users a lot of advisories about end of support for the legacy software, asking people to upgrade to newer versions of the operating system so as to keep computers safe (safer)... Read more
The World’s ATMs Are Still Running Microsoft’s Windows XP!
Microsoft is about to make a support change to Windows XP. Unfortunately this means that ATMs all over the world will need to be upgraded and changed. The scary thing is that, according to the largest ATM supplier in the U.S., NCR,  95-percent of the world’s ATMs are powered... Read more
Microsoft Backtracks: XP Anti-Malware Support To Continue
I guess we can say that Microsoft does monitor the pulse of its community of users. While the pressure to continue support for Windows XP has not really yielded any practical results, it seems that the noise surrounding the “death” of Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP has prompted Microsoft... Read more
Microsoft Kills Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows XP
I think that by now, practically everyone has come to terms with the fact that we have to say goodbye to Windows XP. Starting August 2014, Microsoft will stop all support for Windows XP, forcing existing users to use more updated versions of the OS. Even with the pressure... Read more
ATM’s Robbed With USB
Researchers at the Chaos Communication Congress have said that Cash machines running Windows XP have been attacked.  It appears as though criminals have managed to steal money from cash machines earlier this year, using USB sticks and exploiting the security of Microsoft’s, now very old, Windows XP operating system. Researchers speaking... Read more
Microsoft Under Pressure from China to Keep Windows XP
While the rest of the world probably is coming to terms with the fact that Windows XP is no more, the Chinese government is taking a stand. Call it the last stand, if you wish, but China is certainly putting pressure on the software giant to continue support for... Read more