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Software Updates To Boost Multimedia Performance
Several different software developers released updates that are intended to make your multimedia creation and consumption even more amazing than before. It’s almost as if the pros at a bunch of different software companies woke up one day last month and said, “You know, these people just deserve more!”... Read more
Chrome To Silence Audio Auto-Play In Tabs: Internet Set To Rejoice
The internet is collectively poised to exhale loudly in relief as news has begun to surface that Google Chrome will silence tabs that automatically play whenever a new tab is opened. In what might start to put an end to one of the biggest bug-bears of recent times for... Read more
Free Studio: One Of The Best Gets Better
If you’ve taken a peek around the FileHippo site, you may have noticed a pretty cool truth: our users are fairly discerning when it comes to what they like and don’t like in software. Some of the top names in applications may only have an average rating from our... Read more
YouTube Cards Will Replace Pop-ups
Have you ever noticed that when you check out a video on YouTube, there are more than the occasional pop-ups, which suddenly appear, wanting you to subscribe to the channel, or maybe look at another video from that channel. In this day and age, pop-ups are not people’s favourite... Read more
YouTube May Launch Subscription Video Service
Everybody loves Raymond. No, wait, I mean YouTube. Everybody loves YouTube. YouTube is at the heart of every person’s favourites bar. No matter where you are, you can view the Google-owned service to watch your favourite US classic comedy, sports moments, music videos, lol cats or whatever else you can think... Read more
Seattle PD YouTube Channel Shows Body Camera Footage
In the latter part of 2014, the president of the United States, Barack Obama, made a pledge of approximately $263 million in federal funding for body cameras and police training. The police departments in some cities have taken the initiative seriously and have been thoroughly testing body cameras in... Read more
YouTube To Unveil App For Kids’ Viewing
YouTube is an amazing innovation, and has become firmly embedded in our culture. Whether it’s cats playing the keyboard or a Khan Academy video explaining advanced calculus, the Google-owned video channel can provide just about anything you need to see. But one of the great equalizing features of YouTube... Read more
YouTube Trials Multi Angle Videos
YouTube are testing a new feature that is basically a multi-camera setup. The new service is still in its beta stage, but YouTube are testing it out on the public now. The new service is in its rudimentary testing form, but it allows you to choose the angle from... Read more
This Farmer Uses A Drone To Make “Cow Art”
It turns out this whole drone craze may be beneficial after all. How so? Just consider some of the things drones have allowed us to film that would’ve otherwise been impossible: Drones have helped take never-before-seen photos of the inside of a volcano while erupting, they’ve helped film movie... Read more
YouTube Now Uses HTML5 Instead of Flash Video
The Google-owned media giant, YouTube, has just announced that it has begun using HTML5 video as its default for all media playback on the website. This marks a substantial forward step in its progressive move away from Flash. YouTube has stated the new default standard will work in the... Read more
Need to Save Audio from Youtube? Get YouTube to MP3 Converter
Have you ever watched/listened to some content on YouTube and really wanted to grab the audio files from it but didn’t know how? The YouTube to MP3 Converter allows you to save the audio files from videos on YouTube or Vimeo for playing later, offline. The application is superior... Read more
Guidecentral Launches a New & Improved Maker Program
The Guidecentral Maker Program assists all kinds of crafters to earn money by sharing their DIY projects with a community of Makers that spans the globe. Currently there are over 3000 guides, which are shared with a ever increasing community of 100,000 crafters. The original program was launched back... Read more
Daredevils Leap From The KL Tower & Land in a Rooftop Pool
Talk about making an entrance! BASE jumpers John Van Horne, Andy Lewis and Matt Frohlich landed in a rooftop swimming pool after jumping from the 1,099-foot high Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia. The friends were joining the party as part of the KL Tower International Base Jump event. “The... Read more
YouTube India Allows Offline Video Saving
I have lost count of the amount of times, when trying to watch videos on YouTube that the signal on my WiFi drops and I receive very choppy footage or the video becomes unplayable due to a bad internet connection!  Fortunately after running a few tasks and couple of... Read more
Facebook Looking to Battle YouTube in the Social Video Space‏
Facebook placed a big bet on video and mobile revenue in 2013, looking to change the way users on the social network interact and upload. The new auto-play silent videos have been a big hit and viral content has started spawning on Facebook, instead of YouTube or Vine. This... Read more
Boy Took A Selfie Every Day For 7 Years And the Video is Amazing
It was eight years ago that Hugo Cornellier, then 12-years old, decided to change the way we view growing up. He was inspired by a video which comprised of hundreds of self-portraits and decided to make his own life story by taking a selfie every day for the next... Read more
Kim Jong-un Video Mash Up Goes Viral
A video mocking the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has gone viral after being watched millions of times via Chinese social media sites and YouTube. The three-and-a-half minute mash up, titled “Fat Guy Number 3” is made up of a number of animated GIFs, in which the North Korean... Read more
Possibly The Best Use Yet For A Raspberry Pi?
I’ve heard of many uses for the Raspberry Pi but I never knew you could use one to deter a cat from leaving its business in your garden. However, that is exactly what Joshua Thumim created – a feline repellent system. Thumim was disgusted at how many cat turds... Read more