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YouTube Deleting Independent Music Artists From Site
I don’t know about you, but before I subscribed to the musical service Spotify, I would usually always go and preview music on YouTube before I decided to buy it. I was rarely disappointed by Youtube, as as I was almost always able to find just the artist and... Read more
Google Glass & The Elderly – A Hilarious Combination!
Google Glass seems to be able to generate a wide array of reactions from those who have the chance to use one. In their latest YouTube video, the Fine Bros set out to discover what the elderly generation think of the controversial smart glasses. In the video you’ll see... Read more
THIS is The Most-Watched YouTube Video Ever
Isn’t Youtube great? There are few easier and more entertaining ways to pass your time than with a good Youtube video. (Or 10). With all of the different Youtube videos out there, it’s only natural to sometimes wonder what the most popular video of all time is. Is it... Read more
Kids’ Reactions To An Old Apple II Computer: Hilarious!
The YouTube series “Kids React” is a very funny collection of observations made by kids but the latest episode is particularly funny, with the children being given an old Apple II computer to play with. After being given a little background information on the computer that was released back... Read more
‘Look Up’ Video Goes Viral with 32M Views in 14 days
This five minute video written and directed by Gary Turk has taken the internet by storm, as it urges all of us to “look up from your phone, shut down the display, take in your surroundings and make the most of today”. Its message has divided opinion, with some labeling... Read more
Watch This Poor Dad’s Hilarious Vine Videos
I can pretty much guarantee that every parent out there can relate to Tony Serafini, or Bottlerocket as he is known on Vine. He regularly shares short videos, most of which include the humourous antics of his family; in particular the eventful Saturday mornings spent with his pop-obsessed daughter.... Read more
Google May Develop A YouTube For Kids Under 10
YouTube has become one of the most popular socila media video platform, with more than six billiob hours of videos watched every month. These stats prove it is even beating Facebook, with teenagers choosing YouTube over the social media giant. As a result of a huge young audience following,... Read more
Instagram Blocks Images Selling Drugs
The photo sharing social network Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has blocked searches for certain terms that are associated with the suspected selling of illegal drugs. As a result of an investigation, journalists found that there were many pictures and videos that had been posted of narcotics, which... Read more
Star Wars Blooper Reel Hits YouTube
A very entertaining video has finally, after 36 years hidden away, made its way onto the web’s most popular video site; YouTube.   At last some “Star Wars” outtake footage, that few have seen, (until now), finally makes its way onto the World Wide Web! The most watched and... Read more
YouTube Audio Gallery Offers Royalty-Free Tracks
You know all that hullaballoo about piracy and people not respecting copyright? It’s a major – and very real – issue, although there are always different sides to a story. I remember watching the recent movie about Napster and how the music industry went up in arms against them.... Read more
The Dish On YouTube’s Offline Videos
There is no arguing that YouTube is the site to go to for video content. Whether it’s music, how-tos, or simply stupid, fun videos, YouTube has got something for everyone. And while there are some people who would not touch the site with a 12-foot pole, YouTube’s stats show that they have the... Read more
YouTube Reaches Major Music Deal
The changing tides of fortune in the music industry have propelled YouTube to a position of power in the music market. YouTube has become the place where people go to discover new music and listen to their favorite artists.  Now YouTube is extending its global reach even further through... Read more
YouTube Launching Paid Subscription Channels
Coming this spring, YouTube will be adding experimental, premium subscription channels which viewers will pay for. The subscription fees will initially range from $1 to $5 a month. YouTube has called on a group of unconfirmed channel producers to create purchasable channels for viewers. For those of you who... Read more
Top 10 YouTube Trailers of 2012
I am not a huge YouTube person, but now and then, I get bouts of YouTube fixation. There are, after all, some pretty awesome videos to see in the platform. And, every year, YouTube gives us a recap of the year in videos. As 2012 winds down, we are... Read more