Sony have released the PlayStation 4 during a press conference at E3 in Los Angeles.

We knew there would be one on the way after an announcement made by Sony in February. They began to develop the new version of the device as soon as the PlayStation 3 was released back in 2006.

Playstation 4

The new PlayStation 4 has some interesting features, some of which seem in direct competition to Microsoft’s Xbox one. It has an X86 processor, enhanced PC GPU and an 8GB high-speed memory. It comes with a dual-shock controller, which has a touchpad, headphone jack and share button.

The share button allows you to share gameplay clips with your friends and lets your friends watch you play a game remotely. They can even virtually take over your controller to help you finish a level if you get stuck! The PlayStation 4 also has a Remote Play feature, which lets you play the games on the PlayStation Vita. Should you wish, you can simultaneously watch TV and play a game on Vita.

Another notable feature of the new PlayStation is that Sony announced it will not restrict used games, or require a constant connection. This is a direct challenge to the policies of Microsoft’s Xbox One. The CEO of Sony, Jack Trenton said ” Gamers should be free to trade in their games, sell them or loan them to friends. We want to support the retail models already in place.” He then said regarding internet connections, “Your PS4 won’t stop working if you don’t check in every 24 hours.”

Again this is a challenge to the Xbox, which requires that you check in once a day to authenticate games.

Sony have said that the PlayStation 4 will be released “this holiday season”, so no definite dates yet. The price is set at $399 (or £349), that’s $100 (£70) less than what Microsoft announced for the Xbox One.

So what do you think, will it be a PlayStation 4 for you?

[Image via ilovegamereviews]