Jeff Bezos, the Chief Executive at Inc has revealed the company’s plans to use drones for delivering products, which will hopefully improve efficiency and speed for the consumers.

On the U.S. show “60 Minutes”, Bezos explained how the so-called octocopters are capable of carrying up to five pounds within a 10-mile radius of an Amazon fulfillment centre. They can make a delivery within 30 minutes, drastically reducing the consumers’ waiting time for an order. Bezos said that if the company receives approval from the Federal Aviation Administration, then it hopes to start using drones within five years.

“It will work, and it will happen, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun,” he said in the “60 Minutes” interview broadcast.

Amazon Delivery Drone

Amazon is not the first company to employ the use of drones. The Australian company Zookal is using tis type of technology to deliver textbooks and in China, the delivery company SF Express is reported to be experimenting with the use of drones in the city of Dongguan.

Oliver Lamb, director of Pacific Aviation Consulting, thinks this new way of delivering goods will need some serious consideration before companies start sending delivery drones into the air.

“When and how to allow this kind of delivery is going to be a big question,” Lamb said. “Regulators will have to deal with this, and I’m sure each jurisdiction will come up with regulations to allow this in due course.”

[Image via abcnews]