Creoir‘s concept Smartwatch is being shown off, for the very first time at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  The Finnish technology design studio Creoir has developed this Smartwatch with a difference.

It seems as though all the big names in mobile technology are going to be making waves in the pool of wearable tech, but rather than go down the same route as Samsung and Sony and create devices like the Gear 2 and SmartWatch 2, Creoir combines an Android hub with a conventional watch face and polishes it off with some jewellery design aesthetics.


The Ibis Smartwatch has a custom user interface placed on top of a low-powered but fully optimised Android Operating System.  The Smartwatch is also compatible with iOS devices as well as those running Android. It comes fitted with a touch-enabled OLED display and has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and USB connectivity.

Downloaded applications will be able to operate with the on-board accelerometer, the e-compass and an ambient light sensor. The device connects to the user’s smartphone and will then act as a remote control and present notifications for calls and messages.

The design of the watch includes stainless steel and crystal materials and the actual watch part of the device is not just a simple screen, but it is a fully-functioning analogue quartz watch face.

Creoir CEO Pekka Väyrynen, said, “We believe the demand for smart watches will be driven by fashion and sport brands, and the Ibis exemplifies the type of product that we create for fashion brands…Every brand has its own design language, so with each client we start from scratch to develop a product that specifically matches the brand and their audience. With our expertise, we can provide consumer brand owners with everything they need to have a real advantage when entering the smart device space.”

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[Image via: mobilemarketingmagazine]