Chaotic Moon, the company behind SharkPunch and the Pizza Hut touch table has modified a Tarot Hexacopter so that it can shoot an unsuspecting victim with an 80,000 volt taser. This drone was developed as a tech demo but the Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone (CUPID) could soon be snapped up by a personal security or law enforcement firm.

The Tarot Hexacopter was originally developed to carry a digital SLR on board for capturing aerial photos and videos but Chaotic Moon replaced this with a Phazzer Dragon, turning it into a different machine entirely. By law the drone would be required to have a pilot who would fly the craft and a second person who would operate the stun gun. There is a camera which sends a live feed back to the operators, helping them to evaluate a situation before unleashing 80,000 volts on a target.

CUPID Drone Delivers 80,000 Volts To Stun Victims

As part of an experiment, intern Jackson Sheehan volunteered to be the first human to be CUPID’s target. CUPID can stun several times in up to 10 second bursts but it wasn’t used to its full potential on Sheehan.

It is thought that with more development CUPID could be used to help police in stunning a suspect until officers can reach the scene and detain them.

To see how Sheehan fared, check out the video below.


[Image via pagesay]