And you thought all that talk about the “One Ring” was just fantasy straight out of those Lord Of The Rings movies. Well, it turns out there is a ring(s) out there that can control most everything in your home. As of this writing, though, it doesn’t appear it will allow you to become invisible upon sliding it on your finger. But it will let you do most everything else with just a swipe of your ring finger.

Of all of the devices on Kickstarter, the Ring seems to stand out the most right now. And, with such a simple and straightforward title, it needs to stand out. While it may not let you bend the will of your friends and families to your own, it promises to let you control most all of the smart devices in your life.

“…One Ring To Rule Them All…”

The One Ring That Controls Everything Else

It’s almost impossible to believe, but the makers of the Ring claim that you can pay bills, send text messages, control home appliances, play music, etc., all by making a certain gesture with your ring finger. Once you link the Ring to a smart device (read: smart TV, smartphone, smartwatch, etc.) you can control it. For example, if you want music to start playing, you would point the ring, draw a treble clef into the air, and your music would soon fill the air. Or, if you want to send a text message, you would literally spell it out into the air and the connected device would recognize the letters. You can even use the Ring to dim the lamp in the corner of the living room. Last, but certainly not least, the Ring offers certain vibrations to alert you when you have a notification from Facebook, etc.

What can’t the Ring do? Sadly, it won’t help you conquer Middle Earth; you could use it to turn on menacing songs from the LOTR soundtrack, though.

The Ring has already met and exceeded its original Kickstarter goal of $250,000 and it still has 23 days to go in its crowd-funding campaign. If you make an early pledge now of $165 you can get your hands on one of the Rings before they ship out to the public.

[Image via theunwired]