If you’ve noticed that your Android smartphone is not at its best, then we’re here to help you give it a check up. It may be that your handset is running slow or just not performing as well as it used to, either way, don’t put it off any longer. These three easy steps are sure to get your smartphone back on track and working as it should.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Apps

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Just because apps are free, it doesn't mean that you should install them all. Some free apps are poor quality and therefore can actually decrease your smartphone's performance.

To improve your smartphone's speed, get rid of any unwanted or unused apps. Go to settings and under the App list start clearing the cache of any useless apps and then be sure to uninstall them. Concentrate on bloatware apps that came with the smartphone, especially the ones you've never used and then move on to the ones you've downloaded but don't really want.