HBO has announced they will be bringing a broadband-only streaming service sometime in 2015, alongside network CBS, who have also announced CBS “All Access” for the ten-million broadband-only customers in the U.S.

The HBO service will shows all of the current HBO shows, alongside some past shows on-demand. This means millions of fans worldwide will be able to watch Game of Thrones and other series’ without torrenting or illegally streaming the show.

Game of thrones

How much will this service cost? Rumor has it, HBO will start at $15 per month, quite a pitch higher than Netflix’s $8.99 per month. This matches the price on their cable TV front, and most analysts believe HBO will not drop the price for broadband-only customers.

We still don’t actually know much about the service – if HBO will stream shows live at the same time as cable TV, or just upload them the next day. The former would certainly make broadband-only fans happy, even if it will probably take HBO’s service offline with the vast amount of people wanting to watch Game of Thrones.

This eliminates the idea that HBO will bring their shows to Hulu, Netflix or any other vendor. HBO has not been friendly towards Netflix, especially since the streaming service passed HBO in U.S. subscribers a few months back.

HBO Go has been the service for people wanting to watch TV shows on broadband, but they have always had to be subscribed to HBO’s cable service. This service will not tie-in with their cable service and should allow people from Europe and Asia watch their programs.

This will not be the last network or programmer to announce a broadband-only service. CBS and HBO were in such close proximity of each other, we wouldn’t be surprised to see ESPN or another popular pay-to-view channel jump on the broadband ship.