Darpa are going to have to up their game as far as robotics go, as the world record title for the world’s largest robot goes to Zollner Elektronik AG. Named Traddino, this 56-foot-long dragon not only walk around on all fours but also breathes fire!

Thanks to special flame rigs that are connected to Traddino’s mouth and nostrils, this fire breathing monster of a robot has been entertaining crowds in parades and festivals all over Germany. Reaching heights of almost 27-foot-high, this robotic dragon is remote controlled. It looks as though Traddino will be able to hang on to its title for some time as the only robot to come anywhere close is Sauroposeidon. Located at Kings Island Theme Park in Ohio, Sauroposeidon is actually larger in stature when compared to Traddino but it’s body cannot move and therefore the world record title goes to Traddino.


If you can’t manage a trip to Germany to visit this incredible machine, then see Traddino in action in the video below.