Xiaomi has never been one to back down from new innovative designs, even if it has branded them the Apple copycat in China.

The Xiaomi Arch does not take cues from Apple however, but from Samsung. The Xiaomi Arch features the same sort of double edge display Samsung first showed on the Galaxy Note Edge.

Samsung debuted the Galaxy Note Edge last year, alongside the Galaxy Note 4. The curved edges are used for option menus, removing the need for physical buttons and freeing up more of the screen.


The Xiaomi Arch looks to utilize the screen the same way, offering more space for apps on the home-screen and options when inside an application.

Due to Xiaomi’s strong developer pull in Mainland China, it might be easier for the company to interest developers with the edge display. Developers will need to update apps to take full advantage of the new screen technology.

It is still not confirmed as a 2015 device, but the rumors are spreading across China. Xiaomi might be working with Samsung to make the curved display a reality, one of the first partnerships between the two companies.

2015 could be the year of the curved smartphone, the LG G Flex 2 is coming to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Jan. 6 and Samsung is reportedly working on a new Galaxy Grand for 2015.