As I have mentioned one or two times in the past, it is really irritating when your battery runs out on your device. You may have had one of those super hectic days where all you seem to be doing is staring at a screen. The result of which is, yes you’ve guessed it, no power left at the end of the day. Whether it’s your tablet, smartphone or laptop, it all amounts to same thing.

Samsung are well aware of the situation and want to help you defeat the scourge of low power and also raise awareness about endangered species at the same time. They have created the Samsung Animal Edition Battery Pack. The new power sources will feature illustrations of four species of endangered animals. The idea of the Animal Edition Battery Packs is part of the South Korean company’s ‘Charge the Life’ campaign. This campaign is intended to raise awareness about some of the planet’s endangered animals.

If you are interested in both helping our wildlife and ensuring you have a spare power source at the end of your next busy day, then you can choose from two different sizes of battery pack.

The 8,400mAh battery pack has enough power inside, it is equivalent to more than three times the capacity of the new Galaxy 6 battery and the even larger 11,300mAh battery pack will be equivalent to carrying more than four times that capacity.

The animals which appear on the 8,400mAh battery packs are the lesser panda and the fennec fox, whereas the 11,300mAh battery pack will feature the giant panda and golden monkey, respectively. All the power packs show a clear power level display, which informs you just how much power is left in the pack. There is also a companion app available on Google Play and Samsung Galaxy Apps, will display the featured animal becoming more animated as the charging level is increased.

[Image via samsungtomorrow]

SOURCE: Ubergizmo