With the official release of Windows 10 a little over a week away, Microsoft is cracking down on consumers who have struggled with installing important Windows updates in the past. The company has announced that home users will have to agree to receive automatic updates with Windows 10 so if you’ve slacked off in the past – intentionally or not – if you plan to stick with Windows you’re going to be up to date whether you want to be or not.

Windows 10

Windows 10 will supposedly be the last version of Windows so Microsoft really wants everybody to upgrade. Once you’ve upgraded, you’ll be kept up to date forever through Microsoft’s new automatic upgrade system. Updates will just happen in the background but business users and IT departments will have the option to disable that if they wish.
Most experts believe that the choice to provide automatic upgrades stems from the sting of Windows XP. The company tried multiple times to end support for the ancient OS but had to continuously push the date back because there were still so many instances of XP running. Microsoft finally managed to ditch XP a few years back, but they’re still running paid custom report programs. Upgrades to Windows 8 have been pretty slow too because most Windows users are still utilizing Windows 7.
Microsoft hasn’t mentioned any improvements in the update scheme yet but we’ll see what happens. One reason everyone disables automatic updates is because they almost always require a restart. If Microsoft starts forcing everybody to agree to automatic updating with constant restarts, they might have some pretty testy customers on their hands. However, there is a bright side. Due to automatic updates there will be fewer vulnerable computers out there and security is a big deal right? So maybe this is the price we pay for better security? What do you think?