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A tablet device could potentially be your key to portable freedom. While I would never endorse a tablet over a regular PC for heavy... 5 Reasons You Should Own A Tablet

A tablet device could potentially be your key to portable freedom. While I would never endorse a tablet over a regular PC for heavy users, the cost on entry, portability and other advantages of tablet ownership should never be overlooked. For users who already run a Windows based system or Mac OS X an iOS or upcoming Windows 8 tablet may have even larger compatibility benefits.

So let’s dive right in and examine the top five reasons for owning a tablet.

Tablet Wars and Why You Need To Own A Tablet


The first reason is the most obvious, while a notebook can be easily carried around in a laptop bag a tablet is a smaller, more lightweight and nearly as beneficial option. When examining traditional notebooks vs tablets in terms of portability it is important to note that the use times and standby times for tablets easily eclipse use times for notebooks. A tablet can also be more portable in your home or office setting. Let’s face it grabbing a hulking notebook when watching TV or preparing to deliver a business presentation just isn’t as satisfying.


While you might get distracted playing Angry Birds, the truth is some of the best and newest productivity tools are only being offered through Apple, Google and other marketplace stores. Not only are most apps these days tablet friendly, they often connect to third-party PC setups. For example with Evernote you can create reminders and then access them from your computer. If other members of your business also use apps with the same OS or at least the same app manufacturer it also often means easier file sharing and other forms of collaboration. Because tablets are so portable they often help with business presentations when extra information needs to be share, simply pull out your device, hook it up in seconds and share additional information.


If you own a Mac computer your iOS based iPhone or iPad will work flawlessly with your computer. If you decided to purchase an upcoming Windows 8 based tablet you will once again be able to take advantage of deep integration. Nothing feels better than simply plugging two devices together and having them work.

To Remain Connected

Let’s face it we live in a socially obsessed online society in which water cooler talk happens between offices, friends and others on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social platforms. The moment you are no longer connected the further you fall behind in conversations. While smartphones allow for quick social network access the size of tablets makes it easier to quickly browse your favorite online social spot to converse. You can also stay connected to the weather, news and follow your favorite sports mean.

Videos and Music

Wanna watch Netflix? You can on an Android Tablet or iPad. Want to listen to Spotify while it’s hooked up to your home speakers? Not a problem if you have a tablet. You can even control a Roku player with the WiFi on your tablet.  Forget DVDs and Blu-rays because in today’s society it’s all about the cloud and with a tablet the cloud and all the files you store in it are at your fingertips on a high-resolution display.

I still prefer my ultrabook and desktop computers over tablets but when it comes to easy connectivity that satisfies all times of my home and work life I realize I can’t go wrong with my tablets.

[Image via Gizmo Watch]