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How Solar Development Failed in 2012
Make no mistakes about it, solar power in the United States is thriving, in fact overall solar capacity has had annual growth rates topping 45 percent every year since 2005. Yet in 2012 we witnessed some of the biggest blunders in U.S. business history as Solyndra, Konarka and other... Read more
How Much is Your Browsing Data Worth?
It’s been said that if you’re not the customer, you’re the product that is being sold. Since you don’t pay for the Internet, you are what companies are clamoring to buy. So, how much are you worth? Companies make money showing products and ads to people who are likely... Read more
Google and Apple Eye Huge Holiday Sales
Times have changed and how. Gone are the days when toys and clothing could be ideal Christmas presents. Now, it seems that everyone wants a new handheld device. A smartphone, tablet or other gadgets are on the wish lists for people of all ages, from early teens to sexagenarians.... Read more
Why Apple’s Fusion Drive Matters
It’s been more than a week since we all got suckered into staying up late – or taking an hour or so off from work, as the case may be – because of the Apple iPad Mini event. While most of us held our breaths till the iPad Mini... Read more
Microsoft Office Coming to Apple and Android in 2013
Rumors have abounded for some time that Microsoft would be adding a version of their ever-popular Microsoft Office product to the Android tablets and the iPad with Office 2013.  The Microsoft Office portfolio manager in the Czech Republic was quoted as stating that it would be released early next... Read more
Best Time Wasting Mobile Games For iOS
When it comes to wasting our time in the most fun ways possible there is almost no better solution than Apple’s iOS platform. Whether you take a moment or two with Bad Piggies or simple start 95 games at the same time with Words With Friends it is easy... Read more
Why Doesn’t Nokia Have Its Own Tablet Yet?
Microsoft is the latest brand to jump on the tablet bandwagon. Lured by the huge sales of handheld devices and having to deal with falling PC sales, the corporation is entering the market with its own gadgets. Seeking to appeal to the consumers of today, Microsoft is looking towards... Read more
Components Of The Ultimate Gaming PC
If you want to build your own computer for gaming either to save money or get the best of the best, you need to know which ones are the top choices of each of the major components.  Here is a look at each aspect and ideas to help you... Read more
Apple’s Commitment to Education
The special event that Apple held last week brought mixed reactions as usual. There were some things that only “meh” could be used to describe, but one thing that really caught my attention was iBooks textbooks for iPad. Dubbed “The next chapter in learning”, the improved platform highlighted one... Read more
Google Maps Goes Underwater
Remember when Google first came out with 3D maps on Google Earth? It was amazing to see everything close up when you zoomed in, and everyone was looking for their street to find their house or car. Now Google has taken it a step further to allow you a... Read more
Apple to Phase Out iPad 2 to Make Way for iPad Mini
Apple has been the catalyst for its own success. The tech giant has engaged in constant innovation over the years and develops its own technologies. That makes Apple one of the few self-sufficient companies in the industry. They rarely have to rely on external help to get something done,... Read more
iPad Mini Alternatives
With the launch of the iPad Mini, many other companies are going to be looking to improve their own technology to compete with the superstar.  However, you can already find options if you don’t want to buy the Apple product.  Many of them have similar features with some great... Read more
Must-Have Safari Extensions
We all have our browser of choice, and for me, that’s Safari. While I have had some issues lately with crashing when right-clicking to open a link in a new tab, I have to say that this browser still remains my default. That’s not saying I don’t use alternative... Read more
Driverless Cars Can Get California Licenses?
Will you be safer or less so with driverless cars on the highways? You’re about to find out in California. Governor Jerry Brown took a spin in one in September on his way to sign the legislation that will make this possible. The bill provides for safety and performance... Read more
Social Analytics Apps That Website Owners Need
If you want to run a successful website you have to not only create amazing content, you have to create content that your readers want to explore. One of the best ways to determine what your users want is to follow their social interactions with your posts. While traditional... Read more
3 Things The iPad Mini Is Missing
The world has been waiting for the introduction of Apple’s latest offering: the iPad Mini. The 7-inch tablet hopes to take its share of this market, too. However, if you are expecting a miniature version of the iPad as the name indicates you may be disappointed. Three things are... Read more
Health Apps That Can Make Your Life Better
The mobile phone has changed the world, and continues to do so, making an impact on almost every aspect of our lives. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if there really is a significant increase in the visibility of health-related apps and platforms. From big names to... Read more
Are Politicians Addicted to Twitter?
As we get closer to Election Day, one has to wonder at the effects of social media at the polls. Will more people come out to vote? Are they more informed and opinionated? They certainly have more opportunities to get to know the candidates.   Politicians have finally gotten... Read more