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This generation is one that is used to having everything served up in an instant. Forget emotional intelligence. What can be acquired now will be... Internet Browser Alternatives for This Generation

This generation is one that is used to having everything served up in an instant. Forget emotional intelligence. What can be acquired now will be received with impatience. This is not the generation that seems to have YOLO as its mantra for nothing! And speaking of living, many people’s lives today is spent largely on the Internet, where it matters what kind of browser you rely on.

Internet browser alternatives

Maxthon for Mac

I think I’m a tad old to be considered part of this generation, but I certainly am starting to get fed up with having to deal with Mozilla Firefox’s bloat. And I do not like how Safari crashes on me on a regular basis. I don’t even need to mention IE’s security issues, do I? If you feel the same way, then here are several Internet browser alternatives to the usual suspects. You might just find a gem or two!

Maxthon is pretty impressive even at first sight. It is reminiscent of Google Chrome‘s sleekness, and it comes packed with features that make it a good candidate for a default browser. It has extension support – with the base still growing. It has free cloud storage, a password manager, screen capture, and integrated video downloading. It’s fast. It doesn’t hog the memory. If I have to recommend only one of the Internet browser alternatives in this list, it would be Maxthon.


Internet browser alternatives

RockMelt Logo

RockMelt made its presence felt several years ago, and at first, I had my misgivings. I was mainly unsure about the need for another browser, especially one that seemed to rely heavily on social networking features.

Needless to say, I was wrong. RockMelt has expanded its reach impressively, and sure enough, the integrated social networking features have become a solid foundation for this browser.

The idea that social networking is part and parcel of people’s lives cannot be denied, and RockMelt caters to this need. In other aspects, RockMelt is basically like Google Chrome – which is not surprising as they have the same core.

Pale Moon

Internet browser alternatives

Pale Moon

Compared to the two other Internet browser alternatives, Pale Moon will not remind you of Google Chrome. Instead, you might go down the Firefox memory lane. The reason for this is that Pale Moon is actually based on Mozilla’s popular browser! (Don’t get me wrong – I actually like Firefox, but it eats up my laptop’s memory like nothing else!)

So why should you turn to Pale Moon if you already want to use a browser other than Firefox? Speed, my dears. Speed.

The creators of Pale Moon (it is open source, too) have been tinkering under the hood to optimize and fine tune Firefox. The result? A significantly faster browser than Firefox.

There’s more!
These are only three of the main Internet browser alternatives available to you. I picked them out because I actually looked at them for my own purposes (I need several browsers when working), but there still a lot of other options that might interest you.

The honorable mentions: K-Meleon, SlimBrowser, and Avant, to name a few.

If you have the time and patience, I suggest trying out all the options that interest you before you settle. Else, go for Maxthon!

[Images via TechinAsia and Pale Moon]