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It’s been a month since Apple released the iPhone 5. Over the past four weeks or so, the hype and hullabaloo surrounding the smartphone... iPhone 5 Review – A Month On from Release

It’s been a month since Apple released the iPhone 5. Over the past four weeks or so, the hype and hullabaloo surrounding the smartphone has died down to a great extent. Like all Apple devices, the iPhone 5 was also released amid much fanfare and glowing reviews. The sales seemed to back up the consumer interest as it didn’t even take two days for it to sell out. In fact, Apple was struggling to fill the orders at one point. Now that some time has passed, here is a retrospective review of the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Review – A Month On from Release

The Operating System

Apple pays meticulous attention to its operating systems. For the iPhone 5, it has touched up the iOS 6. Most consumers would have already used it on the iPhone 4S. The changes, albeit small, make using the iPhone 5 easier. The most remarkable of these is the new Notifications screen which can be accessed from the home screen. Apple has added a couple of tabs to make it more user-friendly.

The Personal Assistant

Siri is back and after use, you will find that Apple has definitely improved it. The initial hassle with the accents seems to be taken care of though some people would still have trouble giving voice commands. You can also use the manual search option, which is as reliable and quick as ever.

The Maps App

The Achilles heel of the iPhone 5 proved to be the Maps application. Apple tried to pose a threat to Google Maps and ended up making a blunder. The Maps app was the main reason why the early iPhone 5 reviews were mixed. Mr. Cook went to the trouble of apologizing for the mess and claimed that Apple is working on improving the app. Let’s hope they can do it before every iPhone 5 user starts using Google Maps.

The Phone Itself

The phone itself is a marvel. Great to look at, lightweight and thin, it is the sleekest of handheld devices. There are hardly any iPhone 5 users who have not praised its design and feel. The iPhone 5 is much easier to carry than the other smartphones on the market.

The Screen

The bigger, the better seems to be the mantra for tech companies when deciding the screen size of their devices. Apple had previously put in a 3.5 inch on the iPhone 4 but this time they changed to a 4 inch screen. That provides a better and wider viewing experience. Though it is still smaller than some of the other smartphones, it is an improvement on the previous generation iPhones.

The LTE Coverage

This is one area where the iPhone 5 is a cut above the rest. The Wi-Fi support remains the same but iPhone 5 offers superior LTE coverage when compared with the previous versions. You will enjoy faster downloading and browsing if you are signed up with an LTE carrier instead of using Wi-Fi.

These are some of the main features of the iPhone 5. Except the Maps app, every feature is according to expectations. Apple has made a quality smartphone once more. If they can sort the Maps out, the iPhone 5 could be considered one of their best products.


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