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In this week of Thanksgiving, the Top 5 trending videos predictably have one about the holiday. This week’s list is as diverse as any,... This Week’s Top 5 Trending Videos

In this week of Thanksgiving, the Top 5 trending videos predictably have one about the holiday. This week’s list is as diverse as any, with interrupted live TV broadcasts, a new chapter from the Teens React series and something related to turkeys! Here is the rundown of this week’s top 5 trending videos.

Epic Meal Time Gets Charitable on Thanksgiving

It does seem as though Epic Meal Time have a soft spot for Thanksgiving. They suddenly get active around this time of the year and this year is no different. A video doing the viral round shows how they have arranged a special Thanksgiving Care Package. Four YouTube stars joined Epic Meal Time in this venture, all of it documented on video. You will see how they prepare lasagna and serve it to the needy from a local food kitchen. In short, this video captures the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

Teens React Goes Dark

The Teens React series created by The Fine Bros has gained a lot of popularity on the web. It shows the teens reacting to memes and popular culture. For their new video, the makers chose a dark subject, that of cyber bullying. No doubt the topic is very relevant especially for teens so it is a commendable move on their part. However, no one really expect Teen React to tackle something this serious. It is a must-watch video.

Legend of Zelda Brought Back to Life

This week's top 5 trending videos

The Legend of Zelda is a well-known name in gaming circles but gamers born this side of the millennium might not be too familiar with it. That trend may just change with a new short film about the game which has gone viral. The video has been created digitally and shows the hard work the makers have put in. If you have played the Legend of Zelda video game, the short film will make you feel nostalgic. On the other hand, a new generation of gamers will discover it for the first time with this video.

Turkey Hunting Prank: The Funny Side of Thanksgiving

While Epic Meal Time showed you the true meaning of Thanksgiving, Ed Bassmaster and Nathan Barnatt bring the funny side of it. In their video, Barnatt is dressed as a turkey and Ed is running around after him trying to hunt the turkey. Though it may seem juvenile and silly, the video is hilarious and will have you cracking up soon. This one’s a great video to share with your friends this Thanksgiving.

News Broadcast Interrupted (Again)

Last week it was Anderson Cooper’s broadcast being interrupted by an explosion. This time round, a drunk lady chose to smile at the audience during the live coverage of F1 in Austin. The reporter was covering the fan fest when the clearly inebriated lady quietly walked up behind her and started smiling at the camera without saying a word. If you thought the Turkey hunting prank was funny, wait till you see this one.

These are this week’s top 5 trending videos. Watch them and have a great time!


[Images via tubefilter & zeldauniverse]