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Firefox is not the lightest and speediest of browsers, but it has so many features packed in that makes it the third most popular... Best Firefox Browsing Add-ons

Firefox is not the lightest and speediest of browsers, but it has so many features packed in that makes it the third most popular browser in the world (as of November this year). That being said, Firefox Add-ons are one way to make the experience so much better in various ways.

Best Firefox Browsing Add-ons

Different people have different needs, but if it’s the need for speed that’s driving you, take a look at these Firefox Add-ons that will take your Internet surfing experience to the next level.

What FastestFox does is to speed up tasks that are done repetitively in the background. It also adds to the speed by parallelizing downloads, autoloading the next page, and improving searching. The result? You’ll love how much faster you get things done.

If you do a lot of research online, you will love the feature which shows you the definition/information pulled from Wikipedia when you highlight a word or a group of words on-page.
Speed Fox
Upon installing Speed Fox, some people have described their browser as “Firefox on steroids”. What is great about this add-on is that newbies or those who may not be into the details of tweaking too much simply have to install it. No additional work needed. The program takes care of the details, and you simply enjoy better surfing.
Speed DNS
Sometimes, loading times are extended to an unbearable extent. What is bearable and unbearable may differ, depending on what the user is used to, of course. Still, one reason these things happen is delay in DNS lookups. There is a way around that manually, sure, but why waste time fixing things when you can use Speed DNS? One of the best Firefox Add-ons for faster surfing, Speed DNS resolves the DNS address of the sites you want to visit before you actually “get there”.
Flash has its uses, but it can be irritating, especially if your Internet connection is not that great. There are ways around it, and Flashblock is one of the best Firefox Add-ons for this purpose. This add-on will block flash so you don’t have to see it, but if you do need to see the flash content, you simply need to click.
Here’s a bonus add-on if you like gestures. There are five types of gestures, which you can customize, so you execute various commands.